Everyone knows that fashion has a permanent propertychange. This applies not only to clothing, footwear, but also additional elements of the wardrobe, including a tie. For this reason, the choice of this accessory should be treated with care, because the image of a man dressed in an elegant suit without this part, will never be complete and perfect. So, first, you need to understand a little how to choose a quality tie that will emphasize your ideal image and status.

how to tie a tie with an elastic band

Which material is better to choose for a tie on an elastic band

Any butterfly and tie is most often sewn fromwool, satin, jacquard fabric or silk. If you were offered this element of the toilet, obviously consisting of cheap synthetics, refuse to purchase immediately. Such a detail of clothing will "cheapen" the appearance of the entire ensemble, and this is committed inadmissible.

Determined that the material should bequality, please note that it corresponds to the season. Just imagine how difficult it is to wear this wool thing in the summer heat, and in fact many cases of social life require this from both adult men and young gentlemen in classical costumes.

Another rule to be followedwhen buying a tie on an elastic band: a high-quality product necessarily has a lining material that guarantees it to keep the correct shape in any situation. It is important not only to be able to choose a tie on an elastic band. How to tie it skillfully and beautifully is also of great importance

Types of ties on an elastic band

On how to tie a tie on an elastic band, more oftenall think of those who have not yet worn this type of accessory. The fact is that most of the models presented on the market are simply connected with special hooks on elastic bands, which hide perfectly under the collar of the shirt.

Some ties on elastic bands are sewn back in the atelier. They just have to be put over the head and adjusted by volume with a special lock. Thus, you will find for yourself the perfect tie on the elastic band. How to tie it and whether a good knot went out, you will not have to worry.

Children's tie

tie with a rubber band
Needless to say, most of these accessoriesfor children you can find it on the elastic band. This option is very convenient, since a child can wear it without losing time on trying to tie an intricate knot independently and without distracting the parents. However, children's mobility often leads to the fact that even such a tie on an elastic band is lost or deformed. How to tie it up and untie it is very simple. You can correct the situation by tying it and fixing the knot with a pair of stitches that are imperceptible to extraneous eyes.

Tie a child's tie with an elastic band It is not very difficult, therefore, without getting lost, immediatelyget down to business. So, first you need to understand that in the classical version, it's not so much tied up, how many folds up and turns around the gum itself.

You can do this as follows:

tie a child's tie with an elastic band

  • put the untied tie in the wrong way up, and on top of it (in the place of the fold) - the rubber band;
  • having bent the thin end downwards through an elastic band, bend it back and to the left;
  • Stretch the narrow end under the elastic band down and form the usual knot.

After the knot you do, tweak the endsand carefully fix the result with a thread and a needle. You will have an excellent tie on an elastic band, how to tie it, now you can tell everyone.

Form and length of standard ties

Ties on an elastic band, as well as usual, can benarrow or wide. Choosing it in width, try to focus on the lapels (width) of the suit. Thus, you will pick up the perfect detail. It should also be remembered that large men and boys should choose wider options, and those who have a small complexion are narrow. The length of a tie on an elastic band is determined as follows: in assembled form and on the neck of its owner, with a wide end, it is obliged to cover the buckle on the belt.

Choosing the color of this detail of the men's wardrobe,Do not buy too flashy and with incomprehensible inscriptions options. Remember that the ties with drawings are worn exclusively with monophonic shirts.

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