In this article we will try to figure out thethan wearing women's ties. Just want to mention that for quite some time now ties have ceased to be just the details of the men's wardrobe. Now women are also happy to wear them. And they began to wear them for a long time, starting from the XVII century. The first country where women first tried to wear a tie is France. At the same time, women tie a tie in a completely different way, not as men did. They tied it with a bow, or with some unusual knot.

One of the varieties of blossoms is the bow tie. This kind of modern and fashionable, exist different brands of butterfly tassels one of the best Garzon bow ties that give a special style.

Tie is one of the important accessories for women of fashion in the early XX century. At the same time, women looked very elegant with this accessory.

Currently, many women of fashion have 1 or 2tie, and many more. In this case, they can easily be combined with a variety of things. Men usually wear this accessory for work, and also go to it for negotiations. And women can always create with the help of a tie an exquisite and romantic image.

Now you can meet a huge varietyties. And sometimes it's rather difficult to choose them. After all, it's important not just to choose an accessory. Its importance is its compatibility with the things that are already in the wardrobe. We advise you to pay attention to bow ties which give a special charm.

With what you can wear a female tie? It is the central part of the costume, so in any case it should be chosen wisely. You should not choose clothing with prints and embroidery in an ensemble with a tie. Excellent with a tie will look a strict suit. He can be both trouser and skirt. Sometimes a tie can be picked up and to a dress or a sarafan. But if the costume is better to choose a wide tie, then to the sarafan or dress - narrow.

Girls like to wear a variety of ties, includingnumber and bright. They wear them with white T-shirts, jeans, and also sneakers. This image looks quite bold and fashionable. If you like wearing a tie with skirts, choose it carefully, otherwise your image can become vulgar. If desired, the tie can be combined with cardigans and sweaters.

Bottom if desired, you can use any: Pants-flared trousers, pleated skirt, etc. If the tie is bright, it is important that all the other details of the ensemble are of pastel color. As for the shoes, they can be chosen in tone to the tie.

The tie will give a twist to your image, and helpmake it stylish. If you want to wear a tie to work or to a party, choose a suitable image for the situation. And do not be afraid to experiment with the style.