It's no secret that the tie, in comparison with the restmale accessories, takes a leading position. With a successful choice and proper wearing, it is in harmony with the belt and shoes and remarkably emphasizes the business status of the owner. By the length of the tie, how it is tied and what is on it, judging not only about the social status of the man, but also about his character traits. In the wardrobe of a modern man, as a rule, there are several types of this accessory. However, many still do not know how long the tie should be, and tie it up too high, then too low. It's time to finally deal with this issue and fill in the gaps in the knowledge of etiquette.

what length of the tie should be

Acquisition of

The question of what length the tie should be, yMany arise at the stage of purchase. Usually in stores these accessories are divided into children's and adults. The border is 14-15 years old. If a young man stepped over this trait, then he should buy an adult tie and train in the knotting already on it. If the seller is unable to answer, what length of the tie should be the most suitable for you, then for the landmark you can take the length from the neck, from the location of the tie knot, to the knee. If this condition is met, then you can not worry about the fact that its size will be suddenly small. The standard length of this accessory ranges from 132 to 147 cm. Of course, each of us is unique, and this concerns not only the character and appearance, but also proportions. Therefore, in each individual case, the size of this male accessory should be selected individually.

how long is the tie

What length of the tie should be after knot tying?

If in the first case everything is quite simple, thenthere is no way to do without a long process of honing skill. The general rule is: the length of the tie must be exactly such that it barely touches the belt buckle. At the same time, it is allowed that its angle slightly covers it, but no more. In order to tie a tie in accordance with this rule, you should first determine the type of knot that you want to tie in at the moment. Each of them requires its initial position ends. If we add to this that the thickness of the tie affects how it will be pulled into the knot, it becomes clear - the final length can vary significantly.

the length of the tie must be
In some cases, its deviation can reach2-5 cm, and therefore without training can not do. In order to make it easier to choose a reference point, the starting point, experts suggest using the following rule: the narrow end of the tie should be about three times shorter than the wide one. In this case, to guess its length when tying the knot will be easier. But at first you still have to spend time to acquire the necessary experience and motor skills. During the training to achieve results, it will take up to a quarter of an hour. But if you show perseverance, you will soon be able to accurately determine the right distance to the start of the node from the first time and tie everything quickly and correctly.

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