In this article, we'll talk about how longthere must be a tie. Even an ideally knotted knot can not give you, a man, a real masculine elegance, because the tie must be of a certain length.

How long should a tie

The greater part of the strong half of mankind will not be able to answer with confidence the question of what is actually the right length of the tie. Let's figure it out.

We touch two situations:

- length selection when tying a knot,

- purchase of a tie in the store.

To begin with, note that the tie should onlyslightly touch the buckle belt. Allows the tip of the tie to cover it slightly, but no more. Often the unduly long end of the tie is hidden under the shirt, passing between the buttons. Some stores exhibit for sale special elongated ties, but their assortment is not so wide.

How is the tie tied? In order to tie it, it is important to know which particular node you need. Of course, for each node it is important to determine the position of the ends. The fact is that "thick" and "thin" ties are pulled together in knots in different ways, respectively, and the total length will be different. It becomes clear that training is necessary.

The answer to the question: "How long should the tie be?"Can only be obtained by experience. Only the accumulation of skills will help to determine immediately how to measure from the ends of the tie to the site and how to properly tie it. While you are still just learning, you can leave for a tie for twenty minutes, however, do not stop training.

Prefer the following relation: the narrow end of the tie should be about three times shorter than the thick one. In this case, starting to tie the knots, you will be able to guess the correct length.

Female tie

How to choose the tie necessarylength? There is nothing difficult - most of them in stores ties are divided into adults and children. Thus, if you are over the age of fifteen, you can safely purchase models for adults and start training.

By the way, when answering the question, how long shouldto be a female tie, it is important to keep in mind that it can be much smaller than the male tie - a half to two times. Moreover, having resorted to such cunning as a knot displacement below the standard one, a woman can get an original and stylish image.

The correct length of a tie

And finally, one more tip: pay attention to what patterns, fabrics and knots are well combined "dimples" and longitudinal folds.

Now you know how long the tie should be. And if you choose a tie of some non-standard cut, then try to focus on the length from the neck (that is, the place where the tie knot is located) to the knee. In such a situation, the length will be enough to wrap around the neck, and to tie the knot itself. Naturally, each person is unique, so the main recommendation: in each individual case, to answer the question "How long should a tie be?" It is necessary taking into account the individual characteristics of the figure.

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