The first cowards of bikinis appeared in 1946, when Louis Rayyard (French fashion designer) first showed his swimsuit on the girls from the Moulin Rouge.

panties bikini
This "invention" certainly causedindignation of the public because of their frankness, and also because of the name of the model named after the island, which has a sad fate. The tiny island of Bikini after the war became the territory for nuclear testing of the United States. Of course, for the wearing of such an "immoral" swimsuit the girl could be detained by the police at that time. At the same time, the panties of the bikini then covered the buttocks of the women of fashion completely!

It seemed then that capricious fashion is nothing moreshocking will not present. Especially if we take into account the fact that times change, and people get rid of prejudices, they become tolerant ... But 2 years later the strongest explosion of emotions could cause another kind of swimsuit - tanga. It appeared for the first time on the beach of Ipanema after one of the girls, preparing for the carnival and trying to stand out among the rivals, reduced its swimsuit to a minimum.

The shock was incredible power. This happened in 1972, when only hardened nudists and hippies were allowed to show their bodies on beaches, barely covering their body or wearing a bikini briefs. But unexpectedly the example of this girl was contagious, and the epidemic of the micro-pupil passed along the coast of all South America, spreading further to Europe.

women's panties bikini photo
This robe caused a storm of criticism. And what labels did not just hang on this "triangle on threads"!

The most revolutionary and modern women's bikini briefs, photos of which can be seen on glossy pages, represent a small triangle in front and a thin rope from behind.

The new model covers the buttocks very slightly,thereby setting the necessary degree of eroticism, although at the same time the figure on the hips is tight. This summer, as before, the pants of the bikini dominated the beaches, but they should be approached with care, paying close attention to the features of temperament and figure.

Bikinis are great for women and girls withthin, slim figures. Traditional models that completely cover the "fifth point", tight and closed, will suit women who have already accumulated a small fat on their hips, abdomen and other parts of the body.

Men's bikini shorts today are produced mostly without seams. They are suitable, of course, only for courageous young people who prefer to combine functionality and minimalism.

men's bikini shorts

Thongs with thin strings on the hips are chosen by women, ready for courageous deeds. Models with funny pictures are suitable for girls with a light character and a great sense of humor.

It is worth paying attention to the color:

  • Dark blue indicates the girl's inclination to depression.
  • Blue speaks of the coldness and inaccessibility of the mistress.
  • Pink - about self-sufficiency and independence.
  • Red is a challenge.
  • Black is suitable for personalities of the formed, who value the inner world of their partner.
  • Green is preferred by women, endowed with an innate charisma.
  • White speaks of the purity and purity of the thoughts of his possessor.
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