Why do we need panties? What is it - an ornament, a piece of hygiene, a fashion accessory? Since we have set ourselves the task of answering these delicate questions, we will begin in order.

The history of underwear is quite interesting, here are some facts:

1. The origin of the word "cowards" is French, meaning "short pants".

2. The prototype of modern underwear was loincloth.

3. Jewish priests were obliged to wear under their outer garments more thoroughly during divine services.

why do we need panties
4. According to some information, the first cowards appeared in 1150.

5. Until the end of the 19th century, men limited themselves to wearing underpants.

6. In Europe, the church opposed the introduction of this wardrobe, considering it a "devilish trick".

7. In most Asian countries, long pants under the hem of a dress or skirt were mandatory for women.

Panties strengthened in the women's wardrobe first inthe form of sharovar, with time more and more shortening and decorating with ornaments in the form of lace, embroidery, and later various precious and semiprecious stones. Why do women's panties in their modern thread-like performance? Thongs today enter the wardrobe of almost any young woman, but many gynecologists believe that in this truncated form this garment is dangerous and can cause irreparable harm to health. The panties of the tang model slightly cover the fifth point of the beautiful half of humanity, the slip is distinguished by a lace inset in the front. To better understand why you need panties, you can consider a model of boxers, that is mini-shorts, which will warm in the cold, and protect from rubbing, and perform a hygienic function. However, such underwear can not be worn under a short skirt or tight trousers. Tissue products of this kind are chosen by sports girls, for whom, in the first place, comfort is important.

why do women's panties
There is another opinion as to why panties are needed. To remove them during sex, consider liberated citizens.

There is also a ritual for attracting money,an indispensable attribute of which is red linen. Why do we need panties on a chandelier? Yes, not any, but the red ones, which are specially purchased to improve financial well-being. It is believed that the best work new, washed and ironed panties. Water treatment is necessary to erase alien information, soaked in cowards before they hit you. After that, you can transfer your energy with laundry while wearing socks, periodically repeating to yourself the idea of ​​increasing income. So you give your underwear magnetism to attract cash flows. In a few hours you need to throw panties on the chandelier with the words: "Money in your pocket!" Try to enjoy the performance of this action and can with a sense of accomplishment go on their own affairs, cowards began to perform their unusual function.

why do we need panties
Why do you need panties yet? To attract love! Such a ritual can be done for the organization of affairs of the heart, only to speak about the arrival in the house of a large and light feeling. A curious household with an innocent look tell me that the panties on the chandelier just dried or decorate the interior.

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