Why in modern society is it customary towomen get rid of hair in the intimate zone? How to shave a bikini zone without irritation? What kind of trouble can happen because of improper shaving? The answers to all these questions you will certainly find in this article.

How to shave a bikini zone

Women have to make a lot of effort,to achieve a perfectly smooth skin in the so-called bikini zone. And only a few give preference to natural beauty. Such a huge desire to say goodbye to hairs in "piquant" places is understandable. And there are several reasons for this. First, almost 90% of men choose women with a well-groomed intimate area (when there is a neat intimate haircut or everything is shaved smoothly). Secondly, if the lady does not shave the hairs in the bikini zone, she can not wear sexy lace underwear and thongs. Thirdly, in the hot summer we all are denuded, we put on enough open swimsuits. It is unlikely that people on the beach like to watch the "natural" beauty, sticking out of women's swimming trunks. Therefore, it is best to get rid of hair in the intimate zone. However, not all women know how to shave a bikini. Now we'll talk about it.

How to shave a bikini zone without irritation

To remove hairs, you can useshaving machines (most often disposable), special creams and epilators. In the beauty salons, you can clean the bikini area from the hair with a laser. But this service is quite expensive. In addition, they can not eliminate this problem forever. We are interested in how to shave a bikini zone with a razor? Note that the advantage of this method over others is its low cost. And the main drawback of shaving lies in its fragility. As a result, the procedure will have to be repeated every time the hair grows back. In addition, after shaving on the skin often there is irritation, accompanied by an intolerable itch. How to shave a bikini zone to avoid this?

To begin with, you must, with all seriousness andresponsibility to choose a razor. This can be a full-fledged razor, which comes with replaceable cartridges. But less costly and more practical is considered a disposable machine. Some women prefer not to rack their brains thinking about how to shave a bikini zone, and what kind of razor to buy, but simply take the machines their husbands use. But this is strictly not recommended. This is a direct way to irritation and skin itching. Go to the store and buy a razor designed specifically for women. This should be indicated on the package.

How to shave a bikini

To make the process of hair removal morecomfortable and convenient, you can use special tools. It's about gels and foams for shaving. In this case, it is permitted to take shaving foam from the husband. The use of gel or foam helps to soften the hair, and therefore, makes it easier to shave. Answering the question about how to shave a bikini zone, I would like to note that the use of soap during this procedure is simply unacceptable. The fact is that it overdries the skin, which can lead to an accidental cut of it. If you do not have a special tool at hand, then it's best to use shower gel or shampoo.

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