To look always flawlessly is the desire of eachwomen. Sometimes you have to pay a lot of attention to your appearance in order to achieve the desired result. Hidden from prying eyes, the bikini area deserves special attention. Smooth skin without excess hairs and constant irritation in the intimate zone will give the woman confidence, attractiveness and beauty, and will also allow them to be more relaxed when communicating with other people, especially with males.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser epilation "deep bikini" will forever rid of unwanted hair. The result will be noticeable after the first session.

During the procedure, a light beam directed at theproblem zone, affects the hair bulb, destroying its pigment. In connection with this hair in the future ceases to grow. But the laser acts only on the follicles in the stage of active growth, so to achieve a perfectly smooth skin, you will need to repeat the procedure several times. Their number is individual for each person.

Laser epilation of the bikini zone requirespreliminary preparation before visiting beauty salon or special clinic. During the session hair should be 1-2 mm long, for this it will be necessary to cut or shave them in advance, for 2 days.

Laser epilation of the bikini zone

Immediately before the epilation to the areabikini is applied a cream that will help get rid of painful sensations. The procedure lasts from 15 to 40 minutes. During the session, if necessary, you have to change the position of the body so that the cosmetologist can better process the intimate zone on which laser hair removal is performed. Deep bikini includes the area of ​​the pubis, labia and an interannual pleat.

Immediately after the end of the procedure, a remedy is applied to the skin, which will remove irritation. Redness usually goes through half an hour-hour.

After laser hair removal is performed,a deep bikini can not be treated with alcohol containing substances, and within 2-3 weeks you will have to refrain from staying in saunas, solariums and beaches.

Visit again the beauty salon will have in a month, when the sleeping bulbs during the first procedure are activated.

Recently, the laser is gaining popularityhair removal for men. Representatives of the stronger sex also want to have a smooth skin in the intimate zone. Laser epilation "deep bikini" for men includes the removal of pubic hair, inguinal folds, between the buttocks and in the area of ​​the penis and scrotum.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

male representatives turn to beauty salons and specialty clinics, guided by a greater extent by aesthetic considerations.

After laser hair removal, as well as after anyprocedures, there may be minor complications. This happens only if the recommendations of a cosmetologist or a doctor and with sensitive skin are not respected. Usually, these are small burns, from which after a week there is no trace left.

Laser hair removal is considered to be the most effective and the best method of hair removal, the only disadvantage of which is the high cost of the procedures performed.

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