Many expect summer with fear, because in winterexcess vegetation on the body does not interfere. Of course, for yourself, the beloved with unwanted hair is constantly fighting, but in the cold season you will not panic because of a missed hair, but in the summer it becomes a real problem. Especially urgent for many people is the question of how to remove hair in the bikini zone.

how to remove hair in the bikini zone
Most women and girls out of habituse a razor. It does not matter whether you use disposable machines of questionable quality or a state-of-the-art version - the procedure should be repeated at least every 2 days. That's why many are not satisfied with the result after shaving, and they are looking for alternative ways how to remove hair in the bikini zone. Those who do not suffer from allergies to variouschemicals, can use depilatory cream. But with the help of them do not recommend doing a deep bikini, because the cream can get on the genitals and cause problems.

Fans of thrills are ready to usefor epilation warm or hot wax, also popular now became shugaring. By the way, many say that the latter method is the least painful, the main thing is to correctly prepare the composition and choose the right direction for hair removal. For shugaring a mixture of water, sugar and lemon juice is used. It boils until the sugar begins to caramelize and does not get a pleasant brown color.

How to remove hair in the bikini zone

The most patient do not look for easy ways and notseek to learn about alternative ways, as in the bikini zone to remove hair - they use a depilator. But it is worth noting that this procedure can not withstand many. In addition, you must be prepared that, in addition to the hellish sensations, there may be other problems: bruising, bruises, ingrown hair - this is normal after the first procedures. If you have enough patience, then eventually the skin will get used and will not so painfully react to the execution.

remove hair in bikini zone
Of course, modern girls prefer not touse home methods and, in order to remove hair in the bikini zone, go to beauty salons. Cosmetic centers are ready to offer several methods. To the cheapest salon procedures carry the same wax epilation and shugaring. True, the result from them at best is preserved for 4 weeks, but as a rule, girls with dark hair need to repeat already days through 15. It is clear that the search for methods, as in the bikini zone to remove hair, they continue on.

It's no secret that all ladies wantget rid of junk vegetation forever. This is what unscrupulous salons use, claiming that they are epilating, after which the result remains until the end of life. But those who learned on their experience how to remove hair in the bikini zone with the help of hardware procedures, say that photo, electro- or laser hair removal gives a fairly long-term effect, which persists for several years. In addition, in order to obtain a satisfactory result, it is necessary to pass the course of procedures with a certain periodicity. But these are quite expensive methods, that's why not everyone is available.

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