Surely you have often heard of provocative questions. But what is this? What are the provocative questions, and how to avoid them? How correctly to answer them? Let's figure it out.

What are provocative questions?

The provocative questions at the interview

Let's start, perhaps, with the definition. In fact, everything is quite simple. The provocative question is the question that prompts us to do something. Often, such techniques prompt the addressee to answer. Especially often they are used to force a person to speak on an unpleasant or difficult topic for him.

Quite often such questions force usget lost, worry, trying to quickly find the right answer. All this is done not so much to confuse the person, and to learn his views on this or that question, to check erudition and emotional stability.

Therefore, you need to know how to behave in such situations.

Provocative questions at the interview

Quite often provocative questions areinterviews. The reason for this is the desire of recruiters to check whether a person is honest, how interesting this work is to him, and what he wants to get this place for. In addition, they check the intellectual level of potential workers with their help. And most importantly, such questions are asked in order to see the natural reaction of the applicant. For example, to check if it is lying, whether it is lost, how much stress-resistant.

What questions can you ask during the interview? Here are a few vivid examples:

1. When do you plan to get married (have children)? This question is often asked of women, trying to find out their priorities - work or family.

2. Why did you leave your previous place? It is aimed to check how long the applicant can work in the company, and what exactly can cause his departure.

3. Appreciate yourself. Here the goal is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor. The main thing is not to overdo it, listing your pros and cons.

4. What does our company do? In order to check, but does the person in general know where he will work.

There are a lot of such questions, and each of them has its own goal.

Provocative question

Provocative questions in relations

Quite often provocative questions can be asked by girls to guys or vice versa. Basically to check the feelings of the chosen one, his attitude towards himself.

In order to know the interlocutor better, when meeting guys like to ask provocative questions to girls.

Examples of such provocative questions:

1. Can you forgive treason?

2. Would you wait for me from the army?

3. What distinguishes you from others?

4. What is the most beautiful thing about you?

provocative questions for the guy
And many others. Such questions not only make one think about a particular problem, but also give the interlocutor a better idea of ​​himself.

Girls also like to ask provocative questions to the guy. For example:

1. What are you afraid of?

2. What is your goal in life?

3. How do you feel about serious relationships?

4. What will you do if you find out that your girlfriend is pregnant?

And many others. In fact, almost any unexpected question can become provocative.

How to ask a provocative question correctly?

In order to correctly set the provocativethe question, it is necessary to determine for the beginning, with what purpose it is set. Next, the question should be formulated in such a way that it is as clear to the interlocutor as possible. Otherwise, you can either not receive an answer to the question, or you can get a rather vague and obscure answer.

Also, do not ask provocative questionsimmediately, it is better to prepare the interlocutor, start a conversation on this topic or bring it to your question with the help of other, simpler and more standard ones. Otherwise, the interlocutor can simply become confused and can not find an answer.

provocative questions for girls

How to respond to provocative questions?

Let's also understand how to correctly answer provocative questions.

First of all, do not get lost and do not get scared,if the question is asked unexpectedly, and you do not know what to answer it. Take a deep breath, calm down and pull yourself together. Then get to the heart of the matter. Respond calmly, do not show that the question touched you.

Secondly, concerning the issues themselves. If the question has been discussed more than once, you can safely say this and say how pointless you think its discussion. If you are offered to choose one of the options, and none of them is suitable for you, try to find a third, compromise option.

Thirdly, we do not advise you to answer the question with a question. This is uncultured. If you do not want to answer a question, let it be understood by the interlocutor, if necessary, give a short explanation of the reason for the refusal.


Do not be scared when you hear a provocative question. Mostly among friends, they are asked to have fun, have a good time. As for the relationship, such questions will help not only your interlocutor, but also you learn about yourself more.

At interviews, such questions are asked forcheck your honesty, motivation and ingenuity. Even if you can not answer this question, it's not as scary as it seems at first glance.

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