As is known to many, it is forbidden in the maternity hospitalUnderwear for many reasons. This is an inconvenience associated with its storage or washing, and most importantly it is a danger to bring the infection through a weakened mucosa of the genital tract or pass it on to a fragile crumb. Fortunately, one-time underpants for mothers can now come to the rescue. They are completely suitable for this case by many criteria. This article will describe the product, its application, as well as approximate prices.

Why do we need disposable panties for parturient women?

disposable underpants for parturient women

This linen is mainly for a reliableretention of special gaskets. After all, within a few days after giving birth, women continue to get abundant discharge from the vagina (lochia). They are also sterile, do not crush and have a comfortable design.

Disposable briefs for parturient women. Description

These panties are provided in the form of shorts,strings or slips with a low or high waist. Thanks to the mesh soft tissue, the skin under them breathes freely. They do not constrain movement, tightly fit the body and firmly hold the pads for parturient women. These panties are sterile, which excludes the possibility of infection. The main advantage of this product is the absence of the need to store or wash, because after one-time use, they are thrown away. Disposable underpants for parturient women are made without seams, which is very convenient, especially for women who had to undergo a caesarean section, or who have any incisions or injuries associated with childbirth. These products have a different design, size and price depending on the quality. Due to the wide size range, a woman with any figure will choose a convenient option for herself. However, even the cheapest

disposable panties
copies made of unpretentious material,completely fulfill the requirements set to them, and they are not to be discarded immediately after use. There are also models that can be worn several times. Still there are panties with a special gasket already provided there, which completely eliminates the possibility of applying them again.

Disposable briefs for parturient women. Price

This product is very common, andYou can buy it absolutely in any pharmacy, both separately and in a special set for parturient women. Usually in a pack is 3 pieces. According to average estimates, about 9 panties can be useful to a woman in a maternity home. As mentioned above, their cost varies, depending on many indicators. The average price per unit of this product is within 50 rubles.

disposable underpants for parturient women. price
However, there are also exclusive models from natural materials with additional embroideries, which do not create any discomfort. The price of such panties reaches about 100 rubles apiece and higher.

Disposable panties. Summarizing

In addition to the region described above, i.e., models for parturient women, disposable panties are also used during depilation and medical procedures. Thanks to them, the client creates comfortable psychological, physical, and also sterile conditions.

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