Many believe that the production of cognacs isthe prerogative of French specialists. But the Crimean winemakers decided to refute this statement. Encouraged by their idea, they started work, as a result of which in 2003 a new product was introduced to the general public - the brandy "Jean-Jacques". To the delight of its creators, it was appreciated by the mass consumer.

A bit of history

Cognac "Jean-Jacques" is a new development of the company"Alef-Vinal", which since 1999 has been engaged in the production and sale of alcohol products in the Republic of Crimea. Over the years of work, the company managed to achieve certain successes by launching several quite successful brands on the market. In early 2003, management decided to update the range of products and gave GBS a task to develop a new brand of cognac in the price segment from 65 to 90 Russian rubles. As a permanent partner, the agency immediately set to work, and by the end of the year the new brand was completely ready.

cognac japan

The product turned out to be quite successful. Cognac "Jean-Jacques" embodied both sides of the task set by the customer. Firstly, the drink corresponded to the traditional price segment, in which a well-known Crimean company has been working for several years. Secondly, it is executed in the "spirit of France". This original solution was originally proposed by the developer. Over time, it found its embodiment in the new logo, which adorned the label. In addition, the brandy "Jean-Jacques" began to be poured into original containers, which, according to outlines, resembled the structure of the famous Eiffel Tower. The new trademark was met with enthusiasm by specialists, and the product itself became the laureate of the national contest "One hundred best goods of Ukraine".

Representatives of the new brand

The new goods quickly entered stores and immediately attracted the attention of buyers. The Crimean cognac "Jean-Jacques" was presented by several products:

  1. "Three stars".
  2. "Classic".
  3. «1812».
  4. "Paris".
  5. "Eiffel Tower".
  6. "5 stars".

Crimean cognac of the genre of Jacques

A little later, several more species of thisproduct. The affordable price allowed many to appreciate the basic characteristics and quality of new beverages. According to most of them, the first two samples can be classified as not very successful products. Perhaps, this decision was affected by a short period of aging, which was not enough to get a truly worthwhile drink. And if you consider that "Bagerovo" is a factory for the production of branded cognacs, I would like to see a better product in its shops. "Paris" and "1812" against their background look much better for their price range. But if they are considered from the point of view of a really good cognac, then in this they, of course, are inferior to the samples called "5 stars" and "Eiffel Tower".

Recognized leader

From the entire line of the new brand, according to experts, the most attention deserves the cognac "Jean-Jacques 5 stars".

cognac jak brand 5 stars

For its production is used:

  • softened drinking water;
  • Cognac spirits, sustained under certain conditions for at least five years;
  • sugar.

The warranty period of its storage is two yearsfrom the moment of filling the product. The buyers about him formed a dual opinion. Some consider it to be very tough and unpleasant to taste because of the strong smell of alcohol. Others, on the contrary, refer this quality to merit. Given that the new drink has an increased strength of 42 percent, do not expect any kind of softness and tenderness from him. Nevertheless, this cognac, though complex, but fairly harmonious bouquet and balanced taste. Some even believe that this should be a drink for real men. In addition, the product has a pleasant amber color, which effectively shines in the light and shimmers in a glass of rainbow warm shades.

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