Everyone knows that in fact the Russiancognac does not exist. Just as there is no cognac of Armenian, Georgian, Moldovan, etc. This proud name can only carry a drink made in France, on the territory of the same name region. All the rest is brandy. Nevertheless, tradition is a tradition, especially if it is so many years old. After all, they say, Peter the Great issued a decree in 1718 at the mouth of the Terek River to begin the production of a strong grape drink of the French type. Since that time, the phrase "Russian cognac" has appeared, but now almost every Russian citizen is much closer to the Russian product or the Armenian product than the French one. By the way, it should be noted that the leading Russian producers of cognac products produce strong and sustained grape alcohol not much inferior to foreign brands. The same can be said for the drink under the name "Stone Lion". Cognac of this brand is well established. About it and will go on speech.

Who is the brand manufacturer and where is it produced?

Stone lion cognac

On November 1, 2013 in the city of Perm, one of thethe largest Russian producers of strong spirits, the company "Synergy", announced the launch of a new strong alcoholic beverage. It was cognac "Stone Lion" 5 years of aging. OJSC Synergy produces a large number of different alcoholic beverages, and is also the official distributor of such world famous brands of elite alcohol as Scotch whiskey Glinfidich, Grants, Clan McGregor, gin Hendrix and Irish whiskey Tullamore Dew. And this is not a complete list.

Drink "Stone Lion" - cognac, oriented,according to the representative of "Synergy", the consumer, whose age ranges from 30 to 45 years. This drink is a logical development of the company's cognac product line. By the way, one of the well-known brands already produced by the company is the notorious "Gold Reserve".

"Stone lion" (cognac): what it is

Brandy lion cognac 5 years old

Technology of cognac "Stone Lion"was developed about one and a half years. The product is available in three types of containers, a glass bottle 0.375 liters, 0.5 liters and 0.7 liters, the strength of the drink is 40%. The design of the bottles is made in the classical European style. A two-circuit label, a dark bottle with a ceramic matte finish and a greenish tinge. Of course, grapes at the latitudes of Perm do not grow, so the "Stone Lion" from French distillates is manufactured, which is why the quality is not inferior to many French models. Whatever the ill-wishers say, "Stone Lion" is cognac in the real sense of this name. The color of this drink really confirms its five-year exposure with its dark amber tint. The aroma is light, floral, with a slight shade of meadow grasses. The taste is enveloping, with elements of fruit shades and a slight taste of chocolate and vanilla. The aftertaste is pleasant - of average duration and medium degree of stiffness.


Cognac stone lion отзывы

And in conclusion I want to add that cognac"Stone Lion" reviews are very good, the cost of such an acquisition is also acceptable and starts from 550-600 rubles. After his drinking, of course, within reasonable limits, the next day there is no hangover and headache. In general, very good quality cognac for very little money.

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