Georgia is widely known for its famouscognacs, which have good taste qualities and unique aroma. This amazing drink is prepared from a special grape variety using unique technology.

Cognac "Guguli" - an exclusive alcoholic drink of deep amber color with unique golden gleams.

5-year-old drink

Widely famous for its taste qualitiescognac "Guguli" 5 years old, whose strength is traditional and is 40%. In the bouquet of this amazing, unique drink, shades of dried fruits and notes of hazelnut with a little piquant pepper predominate. The rich, dry taste is characterized by a persistent aftertaste with a mild shade of almonds.

brandy Guguli
For the preparation of this alcoholic beverage, only high-quality and best ingredients are used, among which the selected grapes of table varieties collected in Georgia are to be distinguished.

Cognac "Guguli" (5-year-old) has a fairly brightand a pronounced taste, which is immediately felt by true connoisseurs of this alcoholic beverage. It has a very pleasant, but not mild, flavor characteristic for this variety.

A special feature of cognac is the uniquearoma, which combines hazelnuts, notes of vanilla and spicy dried fruits. All this creates an unsurpassed ensemble, which can appreciate true connoisseurs.

It is recommended to consume this drink as a digestive, and also as a basis for preparing various cocktails and in combination with coffee.

Cognac "Guguli" 3-year-old

cognac brandul

This drink is produced in the city of Bolsinia(Georgia) and enjoys a high demand among buyers. Unlike other similar products, it is not so soft, since the composition includes less caramel, and has pronounced shades of dried fruit and hazelnut.

In the glass you can see the unique shimmering of a deep, rich amber hue with golden gleams. This drink is perfectly combined with fruits and meat dishes.

Features of cognac "Guguli"

In Georgia it is quite popularalcoholic drink "Guguli". Cognac reviews are very good, despite the fact that it appeared on the market relatively recently, but immediately managed to earn an excellent reputation. First of all, it is appreciated thanks to its high taste qualities and good raw materials, from which it is produced.

guhguli cognac reviews
Cognac "Guguli" is available for many consumers,since it has an acceptable cost. When it is made, only selected grapes of the best varieties are used, which gives a rather interesting and rich taste of the drink.

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