If there is in the territory of the former Soviet UnionUnion famous cognac, "Armin" - this is the name that speaks about the quality of products and the many years of experience of its creators. It can be said without exaggeration that it is a drink that glorified Armenia all over the world. You can not look for an impeccable drink on the territory of France or Greece, if there is a country in which one of the best cognacs in the world is produced. In addition, given the close location, it is also more affordable product, which can be enjoyed at least every day.

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"Armin" is a cognac with a long history. It has been known for many decades, although the drink can still be seen on store shelves, despite the fact that Armenian trademarks had to endure not the best of times.

So what is characteristic about cognac, and why exactlythis drink is preferred by real connoisseurs? Firstly, it is made from the best varieties of white grape of Armenia. They have no analogues in the whole world, and an exclusive combination of choice blends gives a feeling of a high category of product.

Another reason - high-altitude plantations andthe sun is pouring heat into the local grapes. Because "Armin" is a unique combination of local natural treasures, which are not found anywhere else in the world.

Cognac has a characteristic soft muscat taste. Due to the fact that several varieties of grapes are used to make the drink, the bouquet is rich and rich.

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"Armin" - cognac, which is producedenterprise "MAP". It has a long history, that's why it values ​​its traditions and already existing operating time. Nevertheless, the plant installed the latest equipment for the production of cognac products, innovative technologies are used and strict adherence to world standards is implemented.

All these conditions are successfully supplemented with traditional natural oak barrels, which are brought from France, Cyprus and Bulgaria. And from Germany tanks and bottles are delivered.

The most elite representatives of brandy "Armin" -it's drinks with thirty years of aging. But the most popular and popular is the other "Armin" - cognac 7 years old, as well as five-year drinks. Even "Armin" with three years of aging is a drink of exceptional quality, which can eclipse any other cognac with a higher classification.

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Cognac "Armin": reviews

According to consumers' reviews, brandy brandy"Armin" - a product that differs rich flavor, soft taste and high quality. The latter characteristic allows you to drink without further unpleasant syndromes.

Due to the long exposure time in oak barrels fromspecial sorts of wood "Armin" - cognac with a rich dark shade and characteristic aroma. Not all manufacturers can boast of the availability of this technology for the production of cognacs, they add artificial colors to beverages. Therefore, real connoisseurs give preference to this particular brand.

Thanks to rare and very useful varietiesgrapes used in the production of "Armin" cognac, many use it in small doses for the treatment of chronic fatigue, insomnia and cardiovascular diseases.

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