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Cognac, perhaps, is one of the most beloved "men's"alcoholic beverages. Usually, it is not mixed in cocktails, enjoying it separately, do not cool, but drink warm. In this article we will talk about the elite drink "Courvosier". This cognac, its taste and nobility in due time was estimated by Napoleon Bonaparte.

History of the brand

More than 200 years ago in France, in the regionCharente, the cognac house Courvoisier (the correct French spelling) was opened. Since then, the traditions of making an elite drink in this alcohol company have undergone little change. After all, this brandy does not require haste, almost the whole process is the way it was 200 years ago.

First, a special wine is distilled by 9% of the fortress,which is made from grapes growing in the region of Charente. After that, "Courvoisier" is kept in huge oak barrels. Their volume reaches 450 liters. In this case, the oak tree, which was honored to become a container for aging the drink, should be at least 80 years old. That's why "Courvoisier" is cognac for respectable people, who value traditions and the highest quality, and it costs not so cheap. By the way, as with champagne, the real Courvoisier is just that drink, which is produced from the beginning to the end in the Charenta region.

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Kinds of cognac "Courvoisier": VSOP and VS

Depending on the aging and othertechnological nuances, the considered alcoholic drink is of two varieties: VSOP and VS. So, cognac "Courvoisier VSOP" has a minimum age of 10 years, a fortress - 40 degrees. It is aged in classic oak barrels. According to sommelier experts, in the aroma of VSOP cognac notes of honey plants are present, and the smell of meadow grasses is also felt. Specialists and connoisseurs also catch the flavors of cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom, as well as fruit notes of dried apples and dried apricots. Cognac "Courvoisier VSOP" (0,5), whose price starts from 2500 rubles (bottles of a larger volume is even more expensive), justifies such, say, decent value. After all, we have already described how difficult the technology of its manufacture is in detail.

"Courvosier VS" - the choice of connoisseurs of noble drinks

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So if VSOP is kept in barrels for at least 10years, then his "younger brother", cognac "Courvoisier VS" is stored in the cellars to 4 years, but this does not mean that the VS brand is significantly worse than VSOP. It should be noted that the drink in question is made from a mixture of alcohols, and its taste is at least a bit "poorer" than in VSOP, but be sure: this is only visible to experts and real connoisseurs. It still has oak notes, fragrances of fruits - the same dried apples and pears, as well as a slight smell of wildflowers. The price of the smallest bottle of "Courvosier VS" (0.5 liters) starts from 1500 rubles, large volumes (there are liter capacity) are, respectively, more expensive - up to 3000 rubles. Such prices are relevant for Russia. In France, the noble "Courvoisier" - cognac, loved by many celebrities, is much cheaper. For example, in the store Duty-free its price starts from 25-30 euros.

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How to drink cognac

There is a whole art,how to properly enjoy this noble drink. First, cognac is drunk after eating - this is the so-called "digestive." Usually they are enjoyed during a small talk or sitting alone, smoking a cigar. There is even a rule of three "C" - coffee, cognac, cigar (in French it's Cafe, Cognac, Cigare). That is, after a feast, you drink a cup of coffee, then a glass of cognac, and afterwards with pleasure you smoke a cigar.

Usually cognac is served in special "cognac"glasses that need to be filled no more than one-third. Also before serving a noble drink is not cooled. Drink it must be very, very small sips, as if savoring the language, trying to enjoy the taste and understand all the nuances of the drink. Bites cognac traditionally with dark chocolate, but not lemon - this "barbaric", according to the French, the tradition came precisely from Russia.

Why Russians like to bite cognac with lemon

It is for certain unknown whether this is true or fiction, butthe custom of eating cognac with a lobster of lemon became popular during the reign of Nicholas II. Fortunately, this story does not apply to the noble cognac "Courvoisier". It is said that when an Armenian cognac was brought to the court of the emperor, the taste was so unpleasant that the king, in order not to offend his subjects, bit him with a slice of lemon, saying that he frowns on the fruit acid, and not on the taste and smell of the drink.

According to another version, again connected with NicholasThe second, already the empress forced her husband to seize spirits with a slice of lemon, as the latter interrupted the smell of alcohol that was hated by her. Anyway, it is from those times in Russia that it became a kind of tradition to bite cognac with citrus slices. But in this article we have considered the noble "Courvoisier" - cognac, which must be drunk by all the rules, enjoying its delicate taste and aroma. After all, the French, who know a lot about wines, are experts in cognacs, that's why they will not be advised of the bad.

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