If you ask an ordinary person what kind of cognacbetter, most likely, in response you will hear - French! But a true connoisseur knows that there are many good types of this noble drink and in the vastness of our homeland. Distinguish them by region, from where the cognac spirit was obtained. The cognacs Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijani, Moldovan, Ukrainian, Dagestan, Praskoveisk, Rostov and Krasnodar are known and appreciated all over the world.

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Choose the cognac correctly

The Russian market offers a fairly largeassortment of cognacs for every taste. How to choose a good one if you are not an expert? Usually we are guided by the criteria of price and quality, choosing the best option according to its capabilities. But there are several nuances, the observance of which will help to choose a good cognac. Buy it better in specialized stores, it will significantly reduce the chance to run into a fake. And do not be afraid to ask for a certificate of quality. Choose well-known, proven brands. The cork should fit snugly, the bottle can not be chipped and scratched. And remember: a noble drink can not be cheap.

Popular domestic brand

Cognac "Bayazet" is quite popular on the expanses of the countries of the former USSR both among connoisseurs of this drink and among ordinary buyers. What is he like?

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Eight-year-old Russian cognac "Bayazet" was named inhonor of the fortress located in Armenia, near which in the XIX century during the Russian-Turkish war for a long time there were fierce battles. The fortress became a symbol of courage and friendship of two peoples - Russian and Armenian. The same friendship is represented by the cognac "Bayazet". It is made from Armenian cognac spirits at the Moscow plant of Armenian Wines CJSC, so many consumers are confused - some consider it to be Armenian cognac, others are Russian, but in fact both of these statements are true in equal measure.

Composition and bouquet

Very delicate taste and characteristic featurespossesses cognac "Bayazet". It has 8 stars, because it is aged in oak barrels in cellars with a constantly maintained special temperature for at least 8 years. Fortress cognac 40 degrees, the share of sugar - 12% of taste. The color depends on the time that has elapsed since the end of the eight-year exposure, and can be from golden to amber dark gold. He poured into a branded bottle with a capacity of 0.5 liters.

cognac bajazet 8 stars

Cognac "Bayazet" has a magic scent, brighta bouquet and a wonderful aftertaste, which earned the love of fans of its exquisite taste around the world. This is confirmed by the fact that cognac has won more than one award, and good reviews at international festivals, including the XIII International exhibition PRODEXPO-2006 (gold medal) and the X International Professional Wine Competition in 2006 (silver medal).

Checking the quality

Unfortunately, today almost everywhere wewe meet a lot of fakes, and the cognac market is no exception, like the cognac "Bayazet." Reviews on the Internet recently began to dazzle disappointed comments of buyers. They write that the quality of production has fallen, but in reality it comes across as an odd job. How to make the right choice and bring home a real noble drink?

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Professionals and gourmets can determine the qualitycognac to taste and smell, but how to do it in the store without opening the bottle? There are several secrets: turn the bottle over - the liquid should slowly drain off the walls. Otherwise, the cognac is not sufficiently aged or contains a lot of alcohol. Also about the quality of the bubbles tell - in the beginning are large, and behind them rise small. Approach to buying wisely and do not waste your money and nerves on substandard goods!

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