Dominic, whose meaning is from the Greektranslated "God's gift" or "lord" - a man of courage, energy and active. Usually, this is the name of boys who are of Czech descent origin. As a child, Dominica may exhibit some stubbornness and independence. They are not very eager for school and are getting used to its procedures for a long time. However, possessing a wonderful memory, soon mastered and begin to make progress.

Dominic name value
Having grown up, the owners of the name Dominic are becomingpeople are active and very energetic. Particularly useful these qualities can be in a variety of risky situations. However, in everyday life they can negatively influence. Dominic, whose name implies the presence in the character traits of some arrogance, should try to pay more attention to the feelings of others.

These people are not recommended to do business,related risks. It's much better for Dominikov to get the instructions of other people. However, with respect to money, the owners of this name are lucky enough. Moreover, they also know how to spend it very well. Dominic, whose name implies the presence of such character traits as self-confidence, courage and perseverance, in this respect quickly achieves its goals. However, as mentioned above, such people tend to imitate someone more than show their own creativity.

name of the Dominican
Quite often this name is also calledgirls. Dominic's name also means "lady". There is a more rigorous version of it - Domna. Girls also differ stubbornness and some resentment. By the age of sixteen, the owners of this name can greatly deteriorate relations with their mother. Later, when Dominica gets married, with her mother-in-law, especially warm relations, she also will not be able to adjust. In any case, she will try to live with her apart.

The meaning of the name of Dominica is also"Belonging to God." Perhaps this is the same as in the case of the boy, defines her some arrogance. This girl is suspicious and quite conflict. Relations with her colleagues are usually more than cool. Often the whole life of the owners of this interesting and rather rare name is an attempt to assert themselves.

One of the positive features that characterize Dominic and Dominic, one can call their excellent intuition. Out of them come out wonderful doctors, investigators and teachers.

the meaning of the name
The environment is often called the owners of thisnamed fighters for justice and truth-lovers. However, as everyone knows, we do not like such people very much. Another distinguishing feature is the hospitality of Dominik. They know how to take a person in their own home in such a way that he feels comfortable. Yes, and do not mind themselves sometimes go to someone to visit.

Dominic, whose name implies moreand personal development, should pay more attention to how people feel in his presence, and try to restrain their conflicts. In this case, thanks to his perseverance and intellect, he will be able to achieve high heights in life. On the photo from the top down: Dominik Wilkins (American basketball player), Dominik Hasek (Czech hockey player), Dominik Monami (Belgian tennesistka).

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