the meaning of the name Camille

Given at birth, the name is by no means an empty phrase. It after all accompanies the person throughout all years of its or his life if he suddenly does not decide to choose to itself new. Therefore, sometimes it is useful to know what the chosen name means. It is usually enough to read horoscopes, articles on the numerology of the name or, for example, to open the same saints. And the choice of a name should be approached responsibly, and do not cling to the first one you like. In recent years, a name that used to be quite rare is popular, so future parents should know the meaning of Camille's name. This will help determine.

The secret of Camille's name is already thatthere are as many as three versions of its origin. First of all, this is the name of girls from noble families who served in the church. In addition, "Camille" in German, Danish and Dutch means "daisy", and it is possible that it was from this flower that a woman's name occurred. The latest, more exotic version, says that the female name came from the male Camille (or Camille). The name Camille, the meaning of the name greatly affect the character of the girl.

Camilla meaning of the name

The very word is very beautiful, gentle and easy,like weightless. Despite some exoticism, it is quite well combined with both Russian-speaking surnames and patronymics. In addition, this name has many lovely diminutive cuts, for example, Milochka, Mila, Camillochka. But, oddly enough, growing up, gentle, smiling and lovely Camille more often become quite different: excitable, impetuous, open, assertive and impulsive. The nature of Camille is the absolute opposite and features such features as increased excitability, impetuosity, impulsiveness and, at the same time, openness.

The meaning of Camille's name impliescreative talents, notable successes, for example, in a musical, artistic or ballet school. These girls are artistic, as a child, they are trustful, obedient and shy, but starting from the age of adolescence, if you do not engage in upbringing, Camille can become complacent, lying, capricious. But if you do not start the process, the child will grow up to be cheerful, sympathetic, kind, easy to communicate, albeit a little secretive. The meaning of Camille's name implies that it is best to give it to representatives of the Virgo sign, because it is they who have enough balance, calmness and strength to smooth out the complex character of the name. It is the Camille-Virgo who are calm, efficient, responsible and sociable, and also successful in many areas.

mystery of the name Camilla

Do not forget about the meaning of the nameCamille and in terms of personal life. Camille do not know how to go for a little compromise in Malomal, agree and concede, settle conflicts, always consciously or involuntarily try to become a leader, control everything and everything. And they are very jealous of their second half. Here you need to develop patience and restraint. Otherwise, too stubborn caring and guardianship can annoy relatives. But in work all the leadership qualities Camille only help. As a rule, these girls choose creative fields: they can become a choreographer, a model, an artist, a scientist in the field of art, a teacher, a composer or a choirmaster.

Kamily's names for the Catholic calendar fall on March 3, July 18 and May 31. In the Orthodox calendar, this name does not make sense.

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