The name Alice sounds in English as Alice, inFrench - like Alice, Alais or Alix, in Spanish - like Alicia, in Polish - like Alicja. The origin of the name Alice is associated with the ancient German Adalheid, which includes the roots: adal, which means "noble," and heid, meaning "appearance, image." Hence the meaning of the name is nobility. There is a suggestion that the origin of the name Alice is associated with the female Greek name Callistus or with the Greek aletheia, which means "truth", but this is already a more interpretation than an etymologically substantiated reconstruction.

The meaning of Alice's name
Never sit still, eager to learnthe surrounding world is a small Alice. The meaning of the name also affects the choice of the girl's friends - most often they are boys. She will always protect the weaker, will be a reliable companion. There are no problems in studying - knowledge of the girl gets playfully.

All Alice's girls are a little lazy, but, despitethis quality, are obligatory and are universal favorites. The meaning of Alice's name influences appearance, most often there is a similarity of the lines of the face with the paternal features.

Alice, born in winter, have a contradictorycharacter, they are persistent and principled to the point of obstinacy, although they are fair. They act resolutely and do not regret what they did. In the team they make friends more often with male colleagues. They carry out their business with their usual calmness and to the victorious end.

Alice's meaning of the name
Another meaning of Alice's name in women bornin the summer - they have a gentle character, they have sentimentality. Marriage arrives late, they are hospitable, adore antique utensils. Pokladisty, pragmatic, clean and frugal women with this name.

In choosing a profession, not the least role is played bymeaning of the name. Alisa most often chooses professions related to medicine, architecture, fine arts, construction, philology, journalism.

Alice - women are friendly, easy to communicate,despite the fact that they are a bit rude. Always express personal opinion in person, do not have a tendency to behind-the-scenes wars. Principle, inability and unwillingness to dissemble, honesty - these are the main features that each Alice has. The meaning of the name implies its fairly rapid advancement on the steps of the career ladder.

Origin of the name Alice
Alice has a subtle sense of her own style -its image and outfits usually do not follow the new trends in fashion, but, nevertheless, look surprisingly harmonious and beautiful. Hospitality, economy, hobby for sewing and knitting are qualities inherent in women with this name. They are very neat, in their house there is coziness and order (without fanaticism).

The masters of this name believe that their healthit is impossible to shake, they do not have the habit of sparing themselves, they have little time to take a dream, their nutrition is irrational, and mild ailments may well complicate their life.

Alisa is married more often for love and familyhappy. The meaning of Alice's name is to her husband's loyalty, conservatism in sex. Women with this name can always be relied on, for a spouse they can become not only a wife, but also a sensitive friend.

This name is more suitable for ladies with such zodiac signs as Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries, Scorpio, but not Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn.

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