The roots of the origin of the name go to the distantpast. Some sources claim that the meaning of Esenia's name comes from the Arabic Yasmin, which means "beautiful". Others - that the word Esenia (the meaning of the name) originates from the ancient Greek language, and in

Esseni value of the name
translation sounds like a "stranger". The secret of the name determines the character, habits, family life and even the future profession of man. Yesenia is beautiful, but even on the exterior no one pays close attention, as these people have a strong energy.


What is the nature of the girl who is called Yesenia? The significance of this rare name determined such traits in her character as smiling, affable, to some extent kind-heartedness. Always try to come to the aid of anyone, even an unfamiliar person, will support him. You can always rely on it, at work it is a responsible employee. Often such people reach the top of the career ladder, they become good leaders. The leader, with clearly expressed strong-willed qualities, organizational abilities, stress-resistance is Yesenia. The meaning of the name obliges these people to clearly think over the situation and their actions, so they become the head of the team.

Family life

The same qualities of the leader appear in the familylife. However, this is a caring and loving wife with a vulnerable soul. Being open by nature, does not tolerate the rudeness of her husband, it upsets her and greatly offends her. Yesenia, the meaning of the name clearly speaks about it, is independent in any manifestations.

the meaning of the name Esenia
Does not seek early marriage, prefersgraduate from the institute, start working and earning and only then have a family, and try to live separately from their parents. Since Yesenia is a good housewife, the house is cozy and tidy, she is a skilled cook, cleanly tidy, although she likes to sleep a lot. Nevertheless, in marriage she is happy if her betrothed understands that she will not change and will always remain the same as he loved her.

Are there any shortcomings in the nature of the girl wearingthe name of Yesenia? The value of a name determines not only positive character traits, but also predetermines negative features. Representatives of this rare name have a quick temper. This creates difficulties in communicating with colleagues at work and close people. Also, self-esteem, opinions about oneself and their professional qualities are somewhat exaggerated, although it is possible that this confidence in their abilities leads Esenia to the heights of career.

Diminutive-caressing forms: Senya, Senia, Esenka, Esya, Enya, Yesi.

Variations in the name of: Essenia, Hessiania, Hesenia, Spring.

name of Esenia value
Planet protector: Mercury.

Sign of the zodiac: twins and a virgin.

Day: Wednesday.

Stone: agate, emerald, sapphire, topaz.

The day of the angel does not appear in the saints.

The animal-protector: fox.

Plant-amulet: parsley

Famous people with a rare name Esenia

  • Yesenia (the main character of the famous Mexican melodrama, gypsy);
  • Yeseniya Volzhankina is a Latvian athlete;
  • Yesenia Adam, who played roles in the films Angels and Demons, Dear Doctor, CSI: Miami (TV series);
  • actress Yesenia Medina.
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