What does the name Rafael mean? Such a question often arises in those who have ever heard it. The meaning of the name Rafael, having a Jewish origin, is treated as "God treated". Rafael is the name

the meaning of the name Raphael
rare and beautiful. In different countries it sounds differently. Raphael is more common in Russia.

Name Characteristics

Undoubtedly, the methods of upbringing and the environment in whichis a person, imprint on his character. However, the meaning of the name Raphael, as it turns out, is stronger than the influence of environment and environment. People who wear it are very emotional, independent, warlike and have a strong desire to achieve great heights. If in childhood Raphael is surrounded by attention and love, as a rule, he grows more sociable and gentle, is distinguished by tolerance and trust in people. Strict upbringing in the family for him can be the basis for the development of independence, determination, which lead to success in his career. But at the same time, Raphael can develop a lack of trust in people, a propensity for seclusion. In childhood, the owners of this name usually do not show the qualities of a leader or despot, so with the help of

the name of Raphael
You can try to save them fromprudence, conflict and deceit. Rafael has few friends, because he almost does not know how to cede. He seeks to surround himself with powerful and powerful people, the same as himself. However, this does not lead to a trusting relationship, and friendship is superficial.

Advantages and disadvantages of the name Rafael

The name Raphael, like any other, has its pluses andminuses. The positive moments include its rarity and unusual sound. And the difficulty lies in the combination of this name with Russian patronymics and surnames. It is also not easy to choose a beautiful diminutive-caressing shape. Nevertheless, the generally accepted abbreviations are: Rasha, Rafa, Rafik.


As the meaning of the name Raphael tells us, the health of its carriers is for the most part excellent. Usually they prefer to watch themselves and look good.

which means the name of Raphael
They pay much attention to their health. But not always the given meaning of the name Raphael is true. He should beware of bad habits, as they very quickly tighten it.

Family and love

Family relations are formed by Raphaelit's quite late. Most often this is due to the need to acquire not so much a wife as a partner. Only after a while he understands that in the family he lacks the comfort, tenderness and care that an economic woman can give.

Professional sphere

The enterprising and cunning Raphael is easier to succeed in business or creativity than in work that requires hard physical labor. He is not located to the latter.

Compatibility of the name with the signs of the zodiac

The name of Raphael can be given to a boy born at 21March to April 20, that is, under the constellation of Aries. This sign will contribute to the development of friendliness and sensitivity in the child, but at the same time make it purposeful, active, assertive and will help in the future to defend their positions.

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