Many people are interested in knowing the true meaningnamed after Amin. What fate awaits a child, if one calls it so? After all, each of us gets a name at birth, and it accompanies a person all his life. Therefore, it can not but reflect on its character and behavior.

The meaning of the name Amina

But let's return to what is the meaning of the nameAmin, and what kind of mystical vibration it carries. Philosophers and astrologers have tried for centuries to investigate female and male names. Nowadays a huge number of books are published about the meaning and secrets of names. This list is also constantly growing, because with time new names appear, and old ones leave and are forgotten.

In ancient times, newborns received names,which was scary even to say. But such traditions existed specifically to drive away evil spirits from the child. Somewhat later, children were given two names in Rus, one of which was the church name. This name was hidden from everyone. It was believed that Amina - the name of the Guardian Angel, who always protects a person.

Today, many parents scrupulously pick a namehis future baby and often turn to the Old Slavonic sources of names. They first study the meaning of the name, and then choose the appropriate one. But there are those who come up with unusual names for their children. With an independent choice, everything depends on imagination, and you can determine the character of the owner of such a unique name with the help of the Old Slavonic alphabet. The meaning of Amin's name bears the secret meaning given in the ancient sources, many of which are irretrievably lost.

Amina value of the name

Amina. The meaning of the name in Arabic is "safe".

Such women seem to be trying all their livesjustify the meaning of your own name. If you try to define their character in one expression, it would sound like this: these are people with whom you can reliably trust.

Amina is a caring daughter, a faithful friend and reliableemployee. She is responsive to someone else's grief and troubles. Amina always comes to the rescue first, without thinking about the consequences. Close friends and friends often abuse these qualities of her character.

The meaning of Amin's name speaks of her unusualintellect. Often this is a very educated person. She is an erudite with a good sense of humor, extraordinary efficiency and dedication to her work. Amina is ambitious, but she builds her career solely because of her own abilities, perseverance and diligence. She devotes a great deal of her personal life to the second plan.

Like no one else, Amina needs love and understanding. She is quick-tempered, extremely vulnerable and sensitive, but not at all vindictive and knows how to forgive.

Amina name

For a family man carrying love andcare, the meaning of Amin's name fits perfectly. She is the keeper of her family. And for friends Amina will be able to adapt her way of life if she loves one of them from the heart.

The sign of the zodiac Amina is Virgo, and she is influenced by his characteristics.

The planet named Proserpine

The color of the name is blue, beige, steel and scarlet.

Talismans named - minerals: ruby ​​and fire opal.

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