Erosion of the cervix is ​​quite commonThe problem faced by mostly mature women. Therefore, questions about why there is endocervicosis, what it is and what are its symptoms, are very relevant. It is known that some forms of this disease are regarded as a precancerous condition.

Endocervicosis: what is it?

endocervicosis what is it

Endocervicosis is a disease thatis accompanied by a change in the epithelial tissues of the cervix. In some cases, there may also be a violation of the integrity of the cervical canal. At the same time, with progressive endocervicosis, active formation of new glandular structures is observed, as well as the transformation of the prismatic epithelial layer into a flat, multilayered one. It is this form of the disease that is considered the most dangerous and is often a prerequisite for the development of cancer diseases.

Endocervicosis: what is it and why does it occur?

First of all, it should be noted that most oftenThe cause of changes in the tissues of the cervix are infections, including those that are sexually transmitted. Endocervicitis often develops against the background of an internal trauma, which can occur during a gynecological procedure or if some chemical and barrier contraceptives are misused. In some cases, the blame for everything is poorly performed syringing.

Risk factors are also considered to be reductionimmune defense. From the disease sometimes suffer girls who start sexually too early. On the other hand, almost any inflammatory disease of the pelvic organs increases the risk of erosion. In addition, the list of causes can include diseases of the endocrine system, as a violation of normal hormonal background can lead to a change in the tissues of the cervix.

Endocervicosis: what is it and what symptoms are accompanied?

diagnosis of endocervicosis

In the early stages, erosion often occursasymptomatic - changes are noticed accidentally, during a planned gynecological examination. But as the tissues change, some characteristic signs also appear.

First of all, there are pulling pains at the bottomstomach. Some women also complain of the itching of the external genitalia. Quite often sexual intercourse is accompanied by the allocation of a small amount of blood. With further progression of the disease, purulent discharge begins to appear from the vagina. Noticing such symptoms, you should immediately contact a gynecologist.

Endocervical treatment: treatment

endocervicit treatment

Of course, to begin with, it is necessary to conductgynecological examination. As a rule, erosion is accompanied by swelling and redness of the cervix. If a suspected progressive form of the disease is suspected, laboratory tests of tissue samples are necessary to confirm the absence of a malignant process. In any case, only a doctor can diagnose "endocervicosis", so do not self-medicate.

The most commonly used treatment method isdiathermocoagulation - during the procedure, the affected areas of the cervix are cauterized, affecting them with high temperatures. But this method is not suitable for the treatment of women who have not yet had a pregnancy, as a result of the procedure, the elasticity of the muscle fibers decreases, which can cause problems in the future.

In addition, to remove the affected areasLiquid nitrogen is used, when exposed, the "sick" tissues are destroyed. The most safe is the laser treatment of erosion, which gives more accurate results and reduces the risk of bleeding. In any case, in the next two months a woman is forbidden to have sex.

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