Catarrhal gastritis is aa disease that is accompanied by inflammation of the gastric mucosa and a disorder of its secretory and motor functions. The reasons for its occurrence can be many. These include poor nutrition, insufficiently good handling of foods, dental diseases, eating too cold, hot or hard-to-digest food. Alcohol and smoking also contribute to the development of the problem.

catarrhal gastritis
Catarrhal gastritis can have several forms: acute, asthenic and inert. The acidity of the stomach can be increased or decreased. In order to determine the shape and severity of the disease, it is necessary to pass tests of gastric juice, and also to generalize the clinical picture of the symptoms. It will also be necessary to pass an analysis that will determine the presence of Helicobacter pylori in the mucosa. In most cases, they are the causative agents of the disease.

Catarrhal gastritis has these symptoms: the appearance of groundless anxiety, weakness and fatigue, pain in the stomach. Also, the patient's appetite disappears, belching appears, and in the tongue one can find a gray dense plaque. If the stomach is palpated, the patient has pain.

prevention of gastritis
An exacerbation of gastritis, the symptoms of whichmanifested in the form of severe vomiting, severe pain in the abdomen, dehydration, should make the patient urgently turn to the doctor-gastroenterologist. Treatment of the presented inflammation provides for strict adherence to the prescribed diet, which excludes alcohol, spicy, fatty and fried foods. Do not eat too heavy food, which will overload the stomach.

Catarrhal gastritis is desirable to treat andconservative, and folk methods, if such a combination is not contraindicated. If the case is not heavy, then it is enough to drink just a few days of water to restore the appetite. To eliminate the pain syndrome prescribed drugs-anesthetics.

exacerbation of gastritis symptoms
During treatment, acidity is also taken into accountstomach. If necessary, it is washed with an alkaline solution. Naturally, the patient is discharged absorbents, which must remove from the stomach any toxins that can aggravate the course of the disease. Propolis is effective from folk methods, which must be eaten on an empty stomach every morning. The infusion of St. John's wort can be used to eliminate nausea and vomiting. However, it should be noted that this herb is poisonous.

In order to avoid problems with the stomach,it is necessary to prevent gastritis. To do this, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, use a very small amount of sharp and very acidic dishes, try to keep the drinking regime. You should also load the body with light physical exertion, refuse chips, hot dogs, a lot of carbonated colored water, as well as alcohol and cigarettes. It is necessary to avoid stressful situations. If necessary, you should immediately contact a doctor. Be healthy!

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