Gastritis - quite often found in ourdays a disease that is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Yes, and how he does not get inflamed, if the usual quiet meal turns into a quick snack on the go, from this and there is gastritis. Symptoms and treatment are often discussed in TV shows and headings on human health, and there are also many articles on this subject on the Internet.

As a rule, the cause of gastritis iswrong nutrition, which, accompanying the modern rhythm of life, has become the norm. However, the appearance of this disease can provoke some drugs, certain bacteria and mechanical damage. In addition, gastritis can occur due to excessive drinking and abuse of cigarettes. All of the above factors lead to the fact that the epithelium of the stomach, protecting it from the effects of gastric juice, becomes minimally thin and unable to perform the protective functions assigned to it. As a result, it leads to gastritis.

A vital topic for many is "Gastritis." Symptoms, treatment of this disease are of interest to many today, and not only those who have already encountered this problem, but also those who are far from it.

In medicine, there are two forms of gastritis: acute and chronic, differing from each other manifested symptoms. Thus, the first form is characterized by a variety of manifestations occurring in 4-8 hours, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, heaviness in the stomach, etc. However, it happens that these symptoms are mild, in which case a gastritis may not give them proper meaning, just suffers pain. To cure acute gastritis, it is sufficient to adhere to a certain diet and take the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Over time, the acute form passes into the next andthere is a chronic gastritis. Symptoms and treatment in this case differ from the above described actions. In a person with chronic gastritis, the mucous layer of the stomach is constantly inflamed, which is associated with periodic pain in the epigastrium, frequent burping, the smell of rotten eggs from the mouth, etc. Chronic gastritis leads to a violation of the allocation of gastric juice. If the secreted gastric juice is larger in volume than the norm, the patient experiences nausea, suffers from belching and stomach pain. This type of symptoms is more common in young men. With a reduced amount of gastric juice, nausea, constipation or diarrhea appear. These symptoms are typical for men of age. It should be clearly understood that there will be certain problems if the diagnosis of gastritis is incorrectly diagnosed. Treatment, preparations, diet should be selected carefully, otherwise it will lead to loss of appetite, a feeling of permanent general weakness, in some cases to impotence and even to the formation of tumors. Therefore, it is very important to pay special attention and correctly understand that a rather unpleasant and requiring continuous monitoring of gastritis. Treatment, medicines are selected only by the treating physician, who knows the disease in the anamnesis. Chronic form of gastritis requires more thorough treatment based on the use of stronger drugs.

Gastritis can be corrosive, caused bygetting into the stomach of any acids or alkalis, and hypertrophic, resulting in cysts, tumors and bleeding in the stomach. Remember that every person can have different severity of such a disease as gastritis. Symptoms, treatment, respectively, will also differ. Do not advise a friend to take the same drugs that you take.

For the treatment of any form of gastritis, in the first placeturn, you must adhere to a strict diet, excluding from the diet of fatty, salty and sharp foods. Also, doctors recommend that you give up too cold or hot food and drinks that cause irritation of the gastric mucosa. Need to eat in small portions, but often. In the event that the cause of gastritis is infection, one should be cured of them by taking antibiotics. In the acute form of gastritis, along with diet, the use of Almagel is prescribed, and in chronic cases, the use of vocalin, atropine, platifillin, and others is required simultaneously with Almagel and diet.

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