gastritis symptom

Gastritis is a real plague of our age. And all because office workers (who make up the majority of the world's population) simply do not have enough time for normal food. This ultimately leads to a disease such as gastritis. Symptom, which is mainly noted by patients, is a pain in the abdomen. But why does it arise? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to clarify at first what is gastritis from a medical point of view.

So, gastritis is an inflammation of the mucous membranethe walls of the stomach. In some cases, deeper layers are affected. Despite the fact that in most cases gastritis is provoked by Helicobacter pylori, risk factors are also attributed to malnutrition and alcohol consumption. Eventually, even a person who eats properly but is exposed to stress can discover gastritis. A symptom that little attention is paid to is a change in the stool, that is, constipation or diarrhea.

Types of gastritis

Physicians share this disease with acute and chronic gastritis. Symptom

chronic gastritis symptoms and treatment

chronic gastritis - pain in the abdomen. However, this form of the disease can last for a long time without symptoms. The development of chronic gastritis is facilitated by the following factors:

  • poor-quality food;
  • improper treatment of acute gastritis;
  • infection with Helicobacter pylori.

On the last point,in detail. The danger of Helicobacter pylori is that, parasitizing in the intestine, it disrupts the normal regeneration of mucosal cells. Thus, with the death of old cells, new cells can not form. But this is not only chronic gastritis. Symptoms in the form of pain may not manifest, as the disease develops gradually.

Symptoms of gastritis

What are the symptoms of gastritis?
Despite the fact that very often gastritis occurswithout obvious symptoms, they will sooner or later have an effect. Therefore it is very important to understand what is chronic gastritis. Symptoms and treatment for this ailment are outlined below. Nausea after eating, heartburn, belching, deterioration of appetite, pain and heaviness in the abdomen - these are the symptoms, noticing which, you need to be alerted. Quite possibly, these are the symptoms of exacerbated gastritis. But they can both appear and disappear. Much in this case depends on the treatment. But that is not all. Symptoms of gastritis can differ depending on what form of the disease a person has. What are the symptoms of gastritis in general? Heaviness and fullness at the top of the abdomen, nausea, weakness. In addition, the tongue is greyish. Other symptoms are individual and depend on the type of gastritis in the patient - with increased or decreased acidity. In the case of gastritis with high acidity - sour eructation, heartburn, pain, heaviness of the eating field, and sometimes constipation is possible. Another unpleasant symptom is vomiting after eating. Manifestations of gastritis with low acidity are somewhat different. These include bad breath, eructation with air, diarrhea and constipation, nausea in the morning. Other symptoms have acute gastritis. A symptom of it is a pain in the abdomen, which rolls by and depends on food. Multiple vomiting is also one of the signs of acute gastritis. First, the contents of the stomach, then - mucus with impurities of bile. Treatment of gastritis is reduced to a diet, taking antibiotics and drugs that increase or decrease acidity.

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