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Psoriasis, the causes of whichit is rather problematic to identify reliably, most often it occurs in young people up to the age of thirty. His symptoms, treatment and other important issues concerning this pathology, we will consider in this article.

What is psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic recurrentdisease. The main sign of the disease is abundant rashes of scaly papules. According to statistics, this disease affects more than 2% of the world population. And people living in conditions of high humidity and low temperatures, are most susceptible to such a disease as psoriasis. Causes, treatment of the disease will be described below.

Factors contributing to the development of the disease


Modern medicine believes that the leading role inthe appearance of pathology is played by the genetic predisposition, expressed in the violation of metabolism in the epidermis of nucleic acids. And for a long time the disease can be hidden. Psoriasis, the causes of which modern science also associates with a number of provoking factors (traumatic, infectious, psychic), under the influence of hereditary predisposition causes blood circulation in the layers of the dermis. As a result, young cells begin to grow rapidly, not having time to form completely. Thus, on the surface of the skin appear accumulations of white scales - plaques.

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There is one more theory of origina dermatological disease called "psoriasis". The causes of the occurrence, according to her, are associated with the defeat of the body by fungal and other infections. As a result of long-term observations, conclusions were drawn about the effect of this kind of disease on the development of psoriasis. Especially it concerns the spring and autumn-winter period. It was at this time that the incidence rate reached its peak.


Tibetan medicine as the main reasonthe appearance of this pathology considers nervous disorders. They cause imbalance in the immune system and neuroendocrine regulation. Overwork, mental and nervous stresses, negative emotional background - all this negatively affects the body, provoking the development of psoriasis.

psoriasis causes the onset of treatment


A number of scientists point to another factor,Calling the disease called "scaly lichen," or "psoriasis." The causes of the occurrence, in their opinion, lie in the allergic reaction of the human body to the products of vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms and their complex structure.


Unfortunately, completely get rid of the disease is notthe present moment is impossible. However, it is possible to minimize the unpleasant manifestations that lead to psoriasis. The causes of the onset (photos of the disease are presented in this article), which led to the development of pathology, should be taken into account when prescribing drug therapy. Reduce the growth of plaques can be with the help of special ointments, solutions and creams. In the fight against the disease, UV irradiation or photochemotherapy is excellent. In the event that the result did not meet expectations, injections are prescribed.

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