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Under the name "scrapie" is meantdermatological disease. Its main symptoms are unbearable itching and the presence of nodular rashes. Pochemia, the symptoms of which cause quite uncomfortable sensations, can be observed in both adults and babies.

Scrapes in children

Other names of the pathology are strobulus, children'shives. As a rule, the disease is diagnosed in children under three years old. The main cause of its occurrence is allergic diathesis associated with the introduction of new foods. Also, the disease can occur after the use of certain medications.

Scrapes. Causes in adults

Most often this dermatological pathologyis observed in young women. Also at risk are people who are susceptible to infectious diseases, experiencing constant stress, depressed, having a disruption in the endocrine system or the gastrointestinal tract.

pruritus treatment
Poxorrhoids: Symptoms

In medicine, there are three forms of the disease: chronic, nodular and acute. And quite often the ailment is accompanied by the appearance of a secondary infection. Nodular pruritis, the symptoms of which are rather painful, may bother for several years. Its characteristic features are large eruptions (up to 2 centimeters in diameter) on the hips, shins and forearms. As a rule, papules are covered with bloody crusts. Affected areas constantly painfully itch. Another form of the disease is acute pruritis. Symptoms of the ailment are also associated with discomfort and rash. Papules, as a rule, occur on the extensor surface of the shins, forearms, as well as on the buttocks and abdomen. They are small itchy nodules that are pale pink. When combing, they are covered with crusts. Recovery may not occur until four months. Procrastination of the treatment process usually leads to a chronic form of the disease. At the same time, the areas of lichenification are formed on the skin. Exacerbation of the disease occurs in summer and spring, and in women - and during pregnancy.


Scab: treatment

To remove the itching dermatologist prescribedlocal ointments - applications (boron-naphthalan, ichthyol, etc.), sedatives and drugs that reduce sensitivity, as well as vitamin complexes. Very useful pastes, in the composition of which is tar. Excellent herbal and sulphide baths cope with itching. An important place in the treatment of pruritus is physiotherapy (ultrasound, diadynamic therapy, microwaves). In the treatment of pathology, it is very important to avoid physical exertion and overwork. For the time being, you should refrain from eating spices, chocolate, smoked foods and sweets. Also, special attention should be paid to quality sleep.


In fact, the scrapie does not represent a seriousa danger to human life and health, but is a very unpleasant disease. To prevent the onset of an illness, a hyaloallergenic diet is prescribed, deworming, stress prevention. If there are chronic foci of infection, they are recommended to be sanitized.

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