Problems of dentistry are becoming more and moremore common in our time. Often people do not even suspect that they have serious problems with gums and teeth, but simply consider them temporary discomfort.

symptoms of periodontitis
Serious Dentistry Problems

People of age often suffer from thisgum disease, like periodontitis. Its initial stage is gingivitis, which can still be cured, but later the treatment is much more complicated and finally the disease is not cured. It is because of this disease that people of adulthood often lose their teeth. Symptoms of periodontitis manifest almost immediately after the onset of the disease, but, most importantly, you need to catch yourself in time to not reach the late stages of the disease. Periodontitis is a serious enough disease that not only causes inflammation of the gums, but also affects all periodontal tissues that will no longer be able to perform their functions.

Symptoms of periodontitis

Like any other disease, periodontitis arisesfor certain reasons and its course is accompanied by characteristic symptoms for him. Symptoms of periodontitis appear gradually, but they should force you to see a doctor to check the condition of your gums and begin treatment. The first thing that speaks about the initial stages of the disease is the increased sensitivity of the gums, which subsequently becomes bleeding; pain and discomfort in the gums, loosening of the teeth, the appearance of an unpleasant odor from the mouth, the appearance and excretion of pus between the gums and teeth. All these symptoms are very noticeable and they are a cry for help, a signal that you need to immediately go to specialists, otherwise there is a risk of aggravation of the disease and the appearance of other diseases. Due to periodontitis, taste sensations often disappear, there is a constant discomfort, even the sugar level in the blood can rise.

parodontitis symptoms treatment photo
Prevention and treatment

At a stage where the symptoms of periodontitis are onlybegin to manifest, you should immediately go to the doctor, because this disease requires careful treatment. But at the same time, complete recovery is not guaranteed to anyone. More recently, dentists have claimed that complete recovery is impossible, in addition, few people have taken the treatment for this disease. In our time there is such a method as the treatment of periodontitis with a laser. It is absolutely painless procedure, which guarantees a higher level of reliability and protection of the oral cavity.

treatment of periodontitis with laser

As is known, it is easier to prevent anydisease, than to treat it. The same applies to periodontitis. The main conditions for this are regular cleaning of teeth and oral cavity, adherence to the rules of nutrition and hygiene. In addition, eating apples, raw carrots, cabbage and other hard and crunchy fruits and vegetables will help prevent periodontitis. Symptoms, treatment, photos of the disease are described and are available in many specialized publications. The more you know about this ailment, the less risk that you will suffer from it in the present and the future.

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