In the modern world, people are constantly in a hurry somewhere,to have time to do everything in time, worry about unfulfilled work and are constantly exposed to stress. But not every person can adequately cope with the intense emotions that have rolled him. Due to constant stress, nervous overload and panic attacks occur. Symptoms, treatment and the causes of these outbreaks have become of interest to modern medicine relatively recently. But already quite a large number of people suffer from this ailment.

Panic attacks: symptoms, treatment and causes

panic attacks symptoms treatment

Symptoms of panic attacks are as follows:

- it becomes hard to breathe, it seems that there is not enough air;

- the heart hurts, furiously pounding in the chest or working with interruptions;

- the head begins to ache or feel dizzy, it makes you sick, the whole body has a weakness, it creates a feeling that a syncope is about to come;

- greatly increases or decreases blood pressure, shivering;

- Attacks overtake a person suddenly;

- There is a shiver in the extremities, numbness or tingling.

The main symptom is a feeling of fear of death or madness

 how to treat panic attacks
tion. Sometimes during an attack people panic and rush from corner to corner, some groan and ask for help or drink tablets, often have to call an ambulance. In such situations, a false impression is created about the onset of a heart attack or other fatal disease. Recently, this disease occurs in people more often. Patients are afraid that someday the attack can result in death. However, doctors who study panic attacks, symptoms, treatment of these diseases, are confident that such attacks do not pose a threat to life. However, over time, the disease progresses. Increasingly, depression occurs, a person acquires various kinds of phobias, which then themselves trigger panic attacks. This leads to the fact that people limit their world beyond the four walls.

Of course, this must be fought, one must not allowdisease prevail over the psyche. Doctors do not sit still and try to find solutions that could stop panic attacks. Symptoms, treatment and prevention of the disease are carefully studied and investigated. But, unfortunately, today physicians have not made enough progress on the question of how to treat panic attacks. They came to the conclusion that during the attacks of panic there is a sharp release of enough adrenaline into the blood. However, at this time, there is no way to cure panic attacks by medication. All medications prescribed by doctors reduce the strength of panic attacks or relieve their symptoms. Perhaps the only effective way to date is the psychotherapy of panic attacks. It is aimed at revealing the unconscious causes of their appearance and working them out so that they disappear forever. During the sessions of psychotherapy, patients learn to destroy the panic attack themselves at an early stage of its occurrence. Such psychotherapy is conducted only by qualified specialists.

psychotherapy of panic attacks

How to deal with a panic attack on your own?

If everything is not too run, then you can tryTo cope with a panic attack independently, without resorting to the help of specialists. The most important thing is to relax and equalize your breathing. Take a comfortable position, relax the body and muscles, breathe in deeply and relax.

Another good way is to completely "cleanse the head": it is necessary to stop the running of thoughts and concentrate on what really is now, and everything else is a fraud of the imagination.

But these methods will help only at an early stage of the disease, in more serious cases it is better to turn to specialists.

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