Picking souvenirs for friends on your birthday, onNew Year, for a wedding or another holiday, you periodically think about it, but can you give knives? After all, this is a wonderful present for a man, and for a woman too. There is a certain prejudice against them. They say that if you give someone a knife, you will certainly quarrel with him. Naturally, not all believe in it, and they do it right. After all, superstition is nothing more than a mere invention, and people sometimes become their hostages.

can I give knives
They involuntarily, at the subconscious level,they manipulate the facts in such a way that they fit the picture they created in their imagination, believing in one of them. So it is here. But if you still want to protect yourself, just in case, take a small fee from the person to whom you give the knife.

 You can not give knives
Is it possible to give knives for a wedding? Sets of cutlery serve their owners for many years. It seems that thirty years ago it was such a tradition: to give spoons, forks and knives to the newlyweds. Everyone in zagashnikah they have, in beautiful gift boxes. They are taken out on holidays and then cleaned again. And no one cursed.

But how to decide? Is it possible to give kitchen knives? As a rule, mistresses choose them themselves. However, rarely anyone buys expensive knives, usually they feel sorry for the money. And you do not need to save on them. Therefore, a set of knives of good steel, which would have everything you need, preferably with a self-sharpening point or with an attached sharpener - a very good gift, it will be very useful for home. Just do not give them to an outsider, especially a woman, she can take it as a hint that she does not cook, or does it badly. Here it is necessary to exercise tact.

why not give knives
But what about exactly what it is impossible to say: "You can not give knives," - so it's about cold weapons. On the blades, daggers, swords, swords, daggers, this sign does not apply at all. Every man, even who does not offend flies, wants to be the owner of such a thing. After all, it seems to emphasize his masculinity. As a rule, they are sold in gift shops or shops for men. On the hilt, the blade or the handle can make a dedication, it will look great.

To your question: "Can I give tourist knives?" - the answer is: "You can." For example, if you and your friend have trampled far more than one pair of sneakers on mountain paths or on forest paths, you should not think about it here: we are giving him such a present for his birthday. The choice should be made in favor of convenience, rather than high cost. The knife should ideally lie in the palm of your hand, be sharp, the cover - fastened to anything, because the knife, like any small thing, has the property to get lost at the most inopportune moment. You can rest assured that such a gift will appeal to any tourist. Only such a knife must either choose together with the birthday boy, or leave a check from the store so that if he can, he can exchange it.

In a word, the question "Why not give knives?" Will be considered incorrect, because this is a great idea. The culprit of triumph believes in this superstition? Then let him just give you a ruble for his knife. Good luck!

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