Even in the age of the triumph of science and technology superstition andSigns still have not completely eradicated from the minds of people. Many continue to genuinely resent, scattering salt and encountering a black cat on their way. Similarly, there is a sign regarding the donation of towels for the holidays. Therefore, is it any wonder that many are wondering why it is impossible to give a towel.

why not give a towel

Roots of superstition

Superstitions, like many other gifts, were not avoidedyour attention to towels. It is believed that such a gift promises only trouble. So, what is the reason for this, and do they give towels? You can get answers to all these questions by arranging a digression into the history. Even in ancient times in Russia, a towel was used in ceremonies, namely in funeral and wedding. Even relatively recently, in the middle of the twentieth century, a towel was hung out the window if death was in the house. After the removal of the deceased from the house, the doors were not closed, but tied them with a towel. In addition, the coffin was also dropped into the ground on towels, and after the funeral they were cut into pieces and distributed to the participants of the funeral ceremony in memory of the deceased.

Nowadays, a towel is also used duringfuneral: those who carry the coffin must wrap their hand with a towel, because it is believed that otherwise they are trapped by misfortune. It is not known how true this sign is, but not everyone will argue with long-standing superstitions. This sheds light on the question of why it is impossible to give a towel.

Use during the wedding

Wedding rituals in the distant past are also notdid without towels. They were tied over their shoulders in the manner in which they are now tied a ribbon of an honorary witness. On the embroidered towel, bread and salt were taken out, a wedding towel was put in front of the house. The young people had to step on it in order to have a happy family life ahead of them.

So why not give towels? A sign forbids!

What does the popular belief say?

According to a note, to take a towel as a gift means to accept illnesses and quarrels. Another superstition connects this object with the road and promises to part.

If you have a superstitious person or you have learnedabout the "danger" of a gift too late, when it is already bought and packaged, it is possible to present it in exchange for a symbolic fee: several coins will remove discomfort from both the donor and the recipient. After all, no one forbids us to buy anything.

So, we found out why a sign forbids giving a towel.

do they give a towel

What else is not desirable to give?

A towel is by no means the only thing thatsome people do not want to receive a gift because of their superstition. If you carefully study this issue, you can find many more items that are not recommended for use as a present.

Similarly, many people perceive the knives negatively,watches, perfumes, handkerchiefs, pearls, combs, photos, slippers, mirrors ... The list goes on and on. In this connection, a quite reasonable question arises: "Is there anything that can be given?" But this is a separate issue.

Despite the whole ominous history of using towels, there are situations when the question of why you can not give a towel should not arise, because in these cases it is allowed to do so.

When can I give a towel?

There are 2 specific cases when presenting such a present will be quite appropriate: wedding and baptism.

Since, as you already know, a towel is widelywas used in wedding ceremonies in Russia, it is not forbidden to give it on this occasion. There is no longer a sign, and such a gift is regarded as a tribute to traditions.

why not give towel a sign

On baptism, too, you can present such a gift, because after dipping the child into the font, it must be wrapped in a new towel.

And whether it is necessary?

Even if you yourself have never thought aboutthe question of why you should not give a towel is better, do not take risks, and if you assume that a person can be wary of such a gift or refuse altogether, you do not need to give a towel. The point is not in the present itself, but in the mood of the recipient. No one really wants to spoil the emotional mood with his gift. Presenters should bring joy, not frustration. This will be the main answer to the question of why it is impossible to give a towel.

Why does the prohibition prohibit giving a towel

If the recipient is not superstitious, then he will readily acceptsuch a necessary and always in demand. However, otherwise, in all future failures, he will blame you, even if the gift has absolutely nothing to do with it, and this is most likely the case.

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