Combat knives - one of the most commontypes of cold steel all over the world. For many centuries they are used in close combat and do not lose their popularity at the present time. Multifunctional weapons can be used in any extreme conditions. Such knives can serve as a means of defense.

fighting knives
Before samples enter the stores, theyare carefully selected and, accordingly, are certified. Combat knives can look like household things in appearance, but they remain fighting. However, if the knife did not pass a special test, it can not be put in the category of "combat weapons". To make sure whether a particular instance is a combat model, it is necessary to carry out a series of procedures that will reveal the distinctive features.

Combat knives are equipped with longitudinal teeth,serving as a saw, as well as special stops. The thickness of the butt in comparison with the economic patterns is greatly increased. But the main difference is the super-hard metal and the length of the blade.

Combat knives for hunting or self-defense are soldOnly if the client has an official permit for possession of firearms and a corresponding certificate. Only after providing a complete package of all documents, the seller can complete the desired purchase.

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The best combat knives in the world, as a rule,are made of special high-carbon steel. Saturation of the material with carbon increases the period of qualitative sharpening. Basically, the blanks for hunting and fighting weapons are produced with the help of cold or hot stamping, but there are also masters who forge weapons manually. Typically, professional factory models are marked with high carbon steel engraving. A certain percentage of carbon allows you to adjust the rigidity of the blade.

Choosing a knife for personal use is a processhard, any professional first of all will take time to study the elasticity and hardness of the blade. Samples on the shelves of stores have the necessary marking, with which you can determine the quality and characteristics of the material. The optimum hardness of a good blade fluctuates around 58-62 HRC. Instances having the worst performance are undesirable for combat or hunting use. But there are models consisting of three layers of carbon steel. The outer shells of the blade are rather soft, but the inner part is quite firm.

The main elements of the combat knife areblade, crosshairs and pommel. However, there are samples where some parts are changed or simply missing. It all depends on the manufacturer or the needs of the customer, because very often they are made by individual order.

The best fighting knives of the world

It should be noted that cold steel does not haveany particular ancestor. All the samples though seem identical, but belong to different species and groups. Photo of combat knives you could see in the article. You can also get a general idea of ​​them by visiting one of the modern exhibitions. There are models of both the last generation and those found during excavations and belonging to ancient peoples.

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