Why not give knives? The answer to this question is of interest to many, especially men. It would seem that it could be better than a knife as a gift for a birthday, New Year, February 23, or another holiday. Every man will be happy with a knife, whether it be a hunter, an angler, a mushroom pick, a tourist or just an office worker.

why not give knives
But why not give knives? It is believed that this is a bad omen, and after such a gift the gifted will be haunted by setbacks. Now it is difficult to say where to look for the roots of such superstition, but it is known that it has existed for a very long time.

To give knives is considered reprehensible in the mainamong the Slavic population of Russia, Ukraine and some other countries. One can not but admit that there are many peoples who have never asked themselves why they should not be given knives. For example, this applies to the peoples of the Caucasus, Central Asia, Transbaikalia, whose knife from time immemorial has been a companion not only of the warrior, but of every inhabitant. He was both a weapon and an instrument. From childhood, every boy could have this thing. These peoples have a highly developed knife culture. They have many signs and beliefs, somehow related to knives. They were never subject to such prejudices that it would be impossible to give knives. However, for both Russian and Ukrainian, if he wishes to give or receive such a gift, one can find an original loophole. In order to get out of the situation, the gifted person can give a small money in return, then it will be considered that he bought the knife, and buying is not a gift at all!

donate knives

Kitchen knives, Japanese or Zlatousthouseholds will always be faithful helpers of men in many matters both in the apartment and in nature. In a hike, in the country, on fishing or hunting - everywhere you need a quality and sturdy knife. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with donating a knife. In order to make a good present and observe the tradition, it is better to take a coin or a small denomination instead.

Meanwhile, the same Japanese knives are wonderfulwill be useful in the kitchen, and many culinary experts are perfectly familiar with their excellent cutting properties. They are made of multilayer steel using the same technology as the famous samurai swords, and words such as deba, yanagiba or usuba will tell a lot about the sophisticated connoisseur. Anyone who really is interested in good tools, hardly shares a mark and does not understand why you can not give knives. After all, it is a symbol of the masculine principle and in our days. The knife did not lose its importance. Even someone who, by occupation, spends a lot of time in the office at the table, the knife can still come in handy.

knives, kitchen, Japanese
For example: cut the snack before dinner, open the package or box, clean the wire if necessary. All these tasks will perfectly perform the knife. Of course, in this case, a small folding pocket version is suitable in a convenient case, as it is called by professionals and connoisseurs - a folder. Such a functional and convenient thing can be bought as a gift and do not puzzle over why you can not give knives.

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