An irreplaceable attribute of any kitchen is a knife. In this subject, quality, sharpness, environmental friendliness and many other characteristics should be combined. After all, it depends on how tasty the cooked food turns out to be.

Ceramic knives
Modern housewives have a unique opportunity to try out ceramic knives that are made of an alloy that successfully combines lightness and sharpness.

They can greatly simplify the processcooking absolutely any dish. As already mentioned above, one of the main advantages of such knives is sharpness, so they are ideal for preparing national dishes of eastern countries, meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables and other products, which are usually difficult to cut. There is another significant advantage (compared to the analogs of steel): ceramics do not enter into an oxidation reaction with the products, so the taste of food remains natural. In addition, a knife made of this material can be used in any conditions, since it is not a conductor of electricity, it is not magnetized and has stable chemical properties.

You can buy ceramic knives in any largesupermarket, specialized store or even order using the Internet. Care for them is simple. Wash the knives with a dishwashing liquid or simply with water.

Buy ceramic knives
They can not be used on a solid surface,for example, glass or marble, it is better to choose a plastic or wooden cutting board. Do not cut frozen food or cut food. If there are dirt on the blade, which is difficult to remove, you can use a cleaning powder or put it in bleach. It is important to remember that you can not lower the knife handle into the bleaching agent. Ceramic knives have some specific features. So, for example, the tip is its reference point, therefore, having stabbed the tip with a tip into a wooden cutting board, it is easy to break it. It is also forbidden to drop or drop this important kitchen attribute on a hard surface.

Ceramic knives can be quite a long timedo without sharpening, while remaining sharp. By the way, sharpening is a rather complicated process, because you can not use the usual sharpening stone to return such a sharp knife to that knife. A special sharpener is needed, which has diamond spraying. To buy it is rather expensive, however, as well as to address in the specialized firm, therefore it is more expedient to get a new knife.

Ceramic knives bergner
In addition to the drawbacks mentioned above, there is one moreIs the color. If the ceramic knife has been in contact with food products such as carrots, beets, etc. for a long time, the blade may lose its aesthetic appeal.

There are quite a few firms thatproduce ceramic knives. Bergner, for example, is widely known in our country. Its products are characterized by high quality. But how to distinguish high-quality ceramic knives from counterfeits? First, they have no gaps between the handle and the blade. Secondly, the blade of a quality kitchen knife from cermets is opaque, and the color is white. Third, a good knife lies perfectly in the palm of your hand.

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