Among the girls who like to stand out somehow, inRecently, tattoos have become popular. The greatest demand among them is using tattoos on their feet, which, thanks to their exquisite and elegant appearance, can decorate any female leg. Contemplating such beautiful drawings - it is impossible to believe that at one time tattoos were considered the privilege of men.

Tattoos on the legs among the girls found theirpopularity due to their low-key beauty, that is, they look quite modest (unlike tattoos-sleeves, for example), but it's very stylish. The tattoo bracelet on the leg looks very original, but it still needs to be able to see what can be done, it's not easy, because this part of the body is almost always in motion. Just this is the beauty of these pictures.

In most cases, girls preferdo small tattoos on your leg, so as not to violate your usual image inadvertently. As a rule, such tattoo on the feet do not make any special sense - they are created only to decorate the body and add a note of originality to the style of its owner.

At the same time, female tattoos are rich in their symbolism and content.

The most popular among them:

  • Cats - the values ​​of such tattoos are veryvarious. It is believed that they are symbols of tenderness, freedom, love, nobility, intelligence, power, courage. Besides this - also symbols of cunning and deception.
  • Signs of the zodiac - one of the most popular - the symbol under which a human being was born. As a rule, such a picture speaks about certain characteristics of its owner.
  • Flowers - these tattoos carry a deepmeaning. They represent a symbol of life, birth, death, procreation, rebirth. Even the color is selected taking into account the meaning - white means purity, and red - passion.
  • Hieroglyphics - these tattoos should be put veryneatly, since every hieroglyph carries a certain meaning in it. Before applying an image, it is necessary to know what the symbol translation means - do not rely solely on visual beauty.
  • Inscriptions - are performed in a variety of languages: Arabic, Latin, Hindi, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Persian, English and others. Tattoo inscriptions carry a lot more semantic load, in contrast to the usual drawings - therefore, it is very deliberate to approach their choice.
  • Fairies - mean the forces of fate that determinehuman life. These fabulous creatures can be not only good, but also evil. In European mythology, fairies are women who possess magical power and knowledge.

As a rule, they are created either with the effect of volume, or without it. In principle, this is what is affordable and acceptable for the average girl.

But for more creative and bright girlsa great option will be a big tattoo on your legs. You can paint your legs as you like, like any other part of the body - and at the same time do not feel uncomfortable wearing unaccustomed clothes (for example, heels or a skirt). After all with itself will always be exactly what is the main difference from many other young ladies!

What about the zones where you create yourselfdrawing? Place the tattoo can be almost along the entire leg - beginning from the top of the thigh, ending with the very bottom. The best treatment is given to the following zones: the zone from the top of the foot to the toes; calf muscle zone; in some cases, there are tattoos on the hips.

The task of the tattoo master (by the way, very difficult)is to correctly choose the location of the drawing you like on the right part of the foot of your client. It is necessary, that the received result looked brightly and in the best way combined with the sizes of a leg.

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