Many girls who want to make themselves a tattoo,choose an ankle for it. First, at this point the tattoo will not always be visible, and secondly, this location adds a mystery female to the female. Only now, when deciding to make tattoos on the ankle, the girls do not know at all which image is better to choose. To simplify the choice, it is recommended to learn about the more common versions of tattoos, as well as their designation.

ankle-length tattoo
Also it is worth understanding that with age anklecan increase. Therefore, it is worth considering this factor when choosing an image. In addition, on the ankle, the tattoo will most likely be very often in contact with clothing and shoes, so after a while it will lose its brightness. A repeated visit to the salon will return the image to its original form.

Patterns and flowers

So, what kind of images are popular among girls?
For example, all kinds of patterns. As a rule, the pattern plays only the role of an ornamental element. However, the presence of colors on it can mean the inner harmony, as well as the fragile and vulnerable nature of the owner of the tattoo.
Patterns that smoothly look beautifulflow from the ankles, rising upwards, along the leg. Such images look aesthetically pleasing and stylish. No less beautiful look at the tattoo around the ankle. It can be as simple as a pattern, or a pattern of a bracelet. Also twist the leg can plant, thread or snake.

Very often girls do exactly such an ankle tattoo. Female tattoos can sometimes also be made simply as a flower. The image looks very elegant and at the same time cute.

Other reasons

Butterfly or bow. A nice image emphasizes the playfulness of a female representative. In addition, images of this type can mean the delicacy and fragility of the girl.
A bird, a feather, a wing. Most often, tattoos of this kind are made on both legs. They mean freedom and ease.

ankle tattoo for women
On the ankle, the tattoo can be in the form of an animal. Depending on the chosen animal, the value of tattoos changes. For example, a fox indicates a cunning and an extraordinary mind. A cat emphasizes grace and beauty and so on.
Abstract pictures are most often chosen by girls with a certain life position. Such unusual images help them to reflect a part of their inner world, expressing their vision in tattoos.
Phrases and words. Here everything is very clear, the main thing - before going to the tattoo parlor to clarify the translation of the phrase you like, if it is written in some other language. To date, such tattoos are considered the most popular. After all, visitors are offered not only any phrase to choose from, but also the language on which it will be written.
ankle tattoo
Notes and treble clef. A small image of a violin key or note helps girls express their love for music. Also, a tattoo of small sizes stuffed on an ankle adds mysteries and symbolizes modesty.


In fact, the image for tattooing can beabsolutely any. In this respect, everything depends on the individual preferences of the visitor. The main thing - before you dare to apply a tattoo, you should pay special attention to the ways of caring for a new ornament to the ankle.

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