It is often possible to meet a person whothere is a tattoo with an animal image. Such drawings look very impressive and aesthetic. However, few know that every beast symbolizes something.

An animal tattoo can be on any partbody, while the value will always be unchanged. Such a pattern most often symbolizes one of the characteristics of the character of the beast. How can we understand which animal is most capable of describing the inner state of a person most accurately?

Fox and wolf

At different times, the fox was considered a symbola variety of emotions and talents. Most often foxes symbolize cunning, success, temptation, independence and sharp mind. The image of the fox in girls can denote sexuality and playful mood.

Speaking about animal tattoos, let's recall the wolf. The image of the beast can symbolize loyalty and devotion to any person. Also, the tattoo can be explained as a symbol of courage, wisdom and purposefulness.

Bear and lion

If a tattoo depicts a bear with a grin, it could mean that its owner is endowed with courage. A calm animal symbolizes courage, power and courage along with kindness and patience.

The image of a polar bear implies that the tattoo owner has a desire for survival, and also means his lonely lifestyle.

Continuing to describe the tattoo of animals, we will tellabout the king of beasts. A tattoo with a lion has always symbolized wisdom, courage and power. In addition, the animal denotes ferocity and, at the same time, justice.

animal tattoos photo
Cat and cat

The image in the form of a cat is most often found in girls who want to emphasize their kindness, grace and concern for others. In some cases, this animal is considered a badge of luck.

Cats have always symbolized independence and a thirst for a free life. Many believe that, like a cat, a cat is able to bring its owner good luck.


What other animal tattoos are there? For example, bull. This fierce and aggressive animal personifies force and power, carrying destruction, as well as death. The image of the bull can denote masculinity and the ability to protect the surrounding people.

Dragon and deer

These mythical animals always denoted magic, riddle and power. At the same time, dragons are considered wise and faithful. Therefore, their image denotes a number of qualities.

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Tattoo with the image of this beautiful animal implies the presence of its owner of pity, freedom and nobility.

Now you know what animal tattoos can be done (some of the photos are presented in the article).

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