Fashion for tattoos came to us back in the 70's,when the activity of various subcultures was actively flourishing. Today, the most popular steel lathes. A tattoo with armor can become a worthy decoration of a strong man's shoulder.

armor tattoo


To make a tattoo "armor" ("armor") is consideredexclusively male privilege. It's like wearing armor in the Middle Ages. This drawing is a symbol of masculinity, courage and courage. Depending on the combination of elements in the picture, the value may vary. For example, if the "armor" tattoo is complemented by a sword, it is a sign of brutality and fortitude, and a rose or other flower in the armor is treated as a protection of tender creatures, a knight of a lady of the heart,

Armor featuring a tiger, a lion or otherpredator mean for the owner of a tattoo, strength, courage and beast essence. Most often it is with the animal that is drawn, associates himself a man who has a tattoo "armor" on his shoulder.


Armor, of course, looks very unusual andeffectively. For protection during the battles of the medieval knights wore patronymic lat. Tattoo with the image of armor is also a kind of protection from adversity and trouble. But do not confuse such a tattoo with the image of a knight in armor. Perhaps, this drawing was made in places of serving punishment. In prison, tattooing with knights makes people prone to cruelty, despotism and sadism.

armor tatu

Where to make the armor?

Tattoos are for life. There are, of course, ways to remove tattoos, such as a laser. But this procedure is rather painful and expensive. Therefore, it is important to decide exactly where your tattoo will be located, what sketch you like and what size you plan to draw.

The most common place for tattooing inthe form of armor is the shoulder. However, everything depends on your imagination. Do you want to make on the body of an armor? The tattoo will look very impressive on the chest. This is the location most often chosen by modern "warriors" who are engaged in historical fencing and reconstruction. True, apart from the usual armor, they can add to the sketch helmet, shields and other items of equipment.

The image of a gloved hand glove is foundless often shoulder armor, but still has some popularity in narrow circles. For example, such a tattoo can be worn by fencers and masters of martial arts. However, this does not prevent you from choosing a brush for tattooing.

Less often, tattoos with armor are made on legs. There are two reasons for this: armor, as a rule, almost did not protect the legs, and the tattoo on the legs is not noticeable unless you constantly wear shorts. And in winter it is problematic. It's another matter if you decide to make a tattoo not for show, but for yourself.

tattoo armor on the shoulder


Carefully read the works of the master, towhich you plan to enroll. If possible, try to meet with a couple of his clients to assess the quality of the tattoo after a while. Ideal option will be the choice of the artist in the body, which your friends or acquaintances addressed.

Do not drink alcohol before visiting a master. An anesthetic effect will not be anyway, but it will complicate the work of a specialist. After alcohol, small wounds bleed more, which means that most of the paints are washed out and a thick crust forms.

Approach the sketch selection responsibly. Discuss it with the master, perhaps some nuances can not be conveyed exactly.

A large tattoo in one session is not done. So be prepared in advance to allocate time for 2-4 hikes in the salon.

And last but not least, tattooing is a smallskin punctures. And behind them, as for any wound, care is needed. The wizard will give you the necessary recommendations, which is very important to observe if you want to keep the drawing clear.

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