In ancient times people believed that all the surroundingthe world is inhabited by various spirits and deities. Any change in the weather seemed to them something magical and mystical. Science has long given accurate answers to the questions: "Why is it raining?"; "How does the aurora borealis?" But many of us still rapturously look up to the sky or are frightened frankly when the storm begins. Not surprisingly, the "Lightning" tattoo is often found on the skin of lovers of beautiful native images.

Ancient gods of thunder

Lightning Tattoo
In the culture of many peoples, the storm was considereda divine phenomenon. The ancient Greeks believed that in a fit of anger the supreme god Zeus used lightning as a weapon. By electric discharges, he hit the guilty and frightened the inhabitants of the earth. The Slavs considered the god-thunderer Perun. Similar deities were in many other religions, here are the names of some of them: Hephaestus, Haddad and Thor. In the modern interpretation of the tattoo "Lightning" can also be considered a divine symbol, the embodiment of supreme power. Sometimes this symbol symbolizes justice, justice, punishment for sins.

Tattoo "Lightning": the importance in the modern world

Lightning bolts can usually be observed duringthunderstorms. For this reason, this weather phenomenon is considered one of the signs of fertility. The "Lightning" tattoo symbolizes the union of the mother earth and the heavenly father. Since a thunderstorm happens much less frequently than ordinary rain, images of lightning discharges are appropriate to consider as something unique, rare. In the traditions of Buddhism, this symbol is considered the embodiment of the connection with the cosmos, truth and enlightenment. Many modern people choose drawings with lightning for a tattoo, wanting to emphasize their own mind, enlightenment and strength of character.

Tattoos with lightning today

Lightning Tattoo Tattoo
Lightning in the tattoo art is depicted in different ways. This and realistic landscape compositions with a mass of bends, and a schematic simple zigzags. If the place chosen for the tattoo allows, you can draw a whole landscape with thunderclouds and rain drops. An interesting idea is to experiment with the color scheme of the picture. Today, the "Lightning" tattoo can be depicted not only in classic yellow-red or white-blue tones, but with all the colors of the rainbow. An interesting fact, such a tattoo can be a real amulet. Quite often it is stuffed by sailors in order to enlist the support of the elements and to protect themselves from trouble in open sailing.

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