The program "Skype" is becoming more popular day by dayday. This is easy to explain, since it allows you to make free video calls around the world, connecting friends and relatives, regardless of their location. However, downloading and installing this application is only the first step. In order to use all the possibilities, you should know. how to find a person in Skype.

how to find a person in skype

First of all, you need to run the program and go throughauthorization. If the user is not registered yet, then it is necessary to take time for this procedure, specifying the invented unique login, password and e-mail address. After the user has activated the application under their account, you can start searching. However, knowing how to find a person in Skype is useful only if there is at least some information about who is being searched for. The knowledge of the login in the program or the e-mail address is best, since these items are mandatory for registration, are unique and are entered in a common database. Sometimes even the phone number or surname of the user can help. True, especially rely on it is not necessary, as few people trust their personal information to computer applications.

search for contacts

So, knowing the user's data can be tracked downit's very easy to find a person in Skype. To do this, select the "Contacts" menu item located on the main toolbar. In the opened list, click "Add contact". In new versions of the program it is enough to click on the icon, which schematically depicts the person's bust and the symbol "plus".

Using one way or another,the user will see the search for "Skype", where you should enter the information known about the person being searched. In older versions of the program, special fields for various data will be offered. In separate lines it will be necessary to enter a name and a surname, login and mail. Then click "Add". In the new version, you can simply enter any known data into a single column.

If the contact search is successful,then the user will be able to add the found person to their list. However, it is still impossible to make calls and send messages. In order to be able to carry out these actions, it is necessary to send a special request for authorization, which is familiar to many people through such programs for communication as Qip, Icq, etc.

search skype

In the message sent, it is desirable to writesomething about yourself, so that the user who receives this offer understands who is trying to contact him. This is especially important if you use "nicknames", not real data. Until the request is confirmed, a question mark will be displayed next to the icon in the address book and it will be impossible to see even the status of the contact. After the requested "Skype" participant confirms the desire to communicate, the list of the person who sent the request will be displayed in the list.

Thus, having received an answer to the question of how to find a person in Skype, you can start communicating with close people, enjoying the opportunities offered by this popular program.

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