An increasingly popular means of communication and communicationto become various software products, among which the most popular is Skype. The camera for skype is the main means of communication. This window, which allows you to see the interlocutor, feel it. You can say that it allows you to even visit a guest without leaving your apartment. Very convenient and practical solution, which every day becomes more popular.

Camera for skype.
Quite often there are situations wherethe camera works in skype. Most users panic and carry their equipment to the nearest service center. But, as practice shows, this is not such a big problem to attract outside specialists. It can be solved independently and for this you do not need special knowledge.

We start by checking the camera connection. It connects only one wire with a USB interface. One of the most common reasons that the camera does not work in Skype is a pulled out connector from the motherboard's contact group. Everything must be reliably installed.

The camera does not work in skype.

Then you need to run a test forvideo device performance. At the initial stage, you need to check how well the drivers are installed and whether there are any. This also leads to the fact that the camera does not work in skype. For this check, you need to enter the task manager. To do this, call the context menu by clicking the right mouse button on the label "My Computer". In the drop-down list, select the "Properties" item. In the window that appears, left-click on the "Device Manager" tab. Next, in the opened window, you need to track the status of the webcam. It is not allowed to have various emergency icons near this device. If there are any reported problems with the camera, we recommend reinstalling the driver for it. If no problems are found, all windows are closed, proceed to the next step.

The webcam does not work on skype.

Next, run the program and check - notthe camera works in skype. To do this, we go after loading the application in the Tools menu and the sub-item settings. Next, move to the "Video Settings" tab. In the window that opens, look at the test image of yourself on the monitor screen in real time. If the image does not appear, then we look at the settings here. Be sure to specify your camera as the source of the video signal. To do this, select the desired device from the drop-down list.

If all of the above does not help and does not workwebcam in skype, it is possible to update the system or program. You may also need to install an older version of this application. Especially if the device is not very fresh. In such a situation it is better to seek the help of a qualified specialist for help. Independently without special preparation such manipulations are difficult to perform. And the result of their incorrect execution can be deplorable.

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