This article will discuss the topic of difficultiescommunication on the Internet. Often there are situations when the interlocutor is hard of hearing in Skype. There may be several reasons for this. All of them will be considered below. And our advice can help you, when in Skype you can not hear the interlocutor. First of all, all necessary equipment must be correctly set up for communication in this program. After all, without him, virtual communication is meaningless.

In "Skype" can not hear the interlocutor: why?

You called Skype on your friend orbut you can not make out what he says. This is rather inconvenient and needs to be corrected. First of all, it is necessary to understand what the problem is, because of what "Skype" does not hear the interlocutor.

There can be several reasons. The first is a problem with the device that plays the sound (speakers or headphones). The second reason may be a malfunction of the microphone of your interlocutor. And, of course, you will not get quality communication without a stable connection.

Problems with speakers

You called the interlocutor: he hears you, and instead of his voice you observe absolute silence. Most likely, there is a problem with your playback device. Verify that the device is connected to the port on the computer.

If this is all right, remember, setDo you have sound card drivers on your computer? If not, your PC will not play any sounds or music - including the voice of your interlocutor. You can check this by turning on any music on the computer. If you can not hear it, try installing drivers for the sound card.

Also, the cause may be a muted sound inprogram "Skype" or in the computer. Go to the settings and check. The same thing should be done in "Skype": by selecting "Tools" in the top panel, click "Settings". Then select the section "Audio Settings". Check if the mixer is not at a minimum level and if the correct device is selected for playback.

the interlocutor is not heard in skype

Problems with your interlocutor microphone

If your speakers are okay, causewhy Skype can not hear the interlocutor, there may be a problem with it. This may be an improperly connected microphone. Your interlocutor should check the correct connection of the microphone and detect it by the computer.

If this is all right, you need to see in Skype's settings whether the correct sound transmission device is selected and whether the volume of the microphone is at a minimum level.

Your interlocutor will be able to check the work of hismicrophone, saying something in it. If the mixer line changes, then the device is working. If nothing happens, then most likely the other person's microphone is defective. This is one of the reasons why the interlocutor is not heard in Skype.

why the skype can not hear the interlocutor

Communication problems

Frequent problem of communication in Skype becomesconnection quality. If someone from the interlocutors has a weak transfer rate, the other will hear it only partially. Probably, there will be an intermittent signal or a periodic loss of sound. If all these "symptoms" are there, it's a communication problem.

badly heard interlocutor in skype
Often the Skype program reports that youHave insufficient speed of Internet connection. In this situation, the call stops. This problem, unfortunately, is the most difficult. Maybe the provider (yours or someone else's) is doing technical work. Or there are temporary problems. And when everything is normal, you can communicate. But if this does not stop for a long time, most likely, the speed of your Internet connection is simply not enough. In such a situation, you need to change the provider to get a faster connection.

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