The modern world is full of diverse programs andapplications designed to facilitate communication. For example, there is a messenger called "Skype". It allows you to communicate, make video calls, exchange data. Here you can chat not only together, but also in groups, create conferences. All this is extremely useful. But by installing this program, a person has to think about how to find friends in Skype. This is one of the simplest actions. Searching and adding new contacts to your friends list takes a minimum of time. Especially if you know how to act.

how to find friends on skype

About search methods

It should be noted immediately that the searchpeople in Skype can be in different ways. For example, through the search bar or the function menu. In the first case, the task is implemented more quickly. But this technique is not always used in practice.

How to find friends via Skype? To do this, you need to have some information about the person you are talking to. For example:

  • login;
  • nickname;
  • the surname and name of the person;
  • country and city of residence;
  • e-mail;
  • mobile phone.

Important: The most accurate way to search for contacts is to use the login, then click. But on the surname, name and other information to find the right person is very problematic. After all, often the system registers users with identical names, names and even nicknames!

Quick search by phone

How to find friends in Skype? Let's start with a mobile phone. This device does not give any guarantees for success. If the interlocutor did not indicate his phone in the questionnaire, then it will not be possible to find it on this information.

how to find friends in skype

To search for a contact using a mobile phone, you need to:

  1. Log in to Skype.
  2. In the right menu of the program in the search bar (line with the image of a magnifying glass in the corner) dial the phone number.
  3. To get acquainted with the contacts that were found in the program directory.

As already mentioned, sometimes the search is notturns out to be a success. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider other options for the development of events. By the way, the proposed method of solving the problem allows you to quickly look for friends not only on the phone, but also on other data. For example, by name and surname.

Menu and login

How to find friends in Skype? You can use the special function menu. It allows you to study the search results in a more convenient form. After all, they are displayed in a separate window.

To search for friends on Skype, you need:

  1. Login to the program.
  2. Open the menu item "Contacts". It is at the top of the application window.
  3. Select "Add contact" - "Search in the Skype directory".
  4. Type the user's login in the search box. You need to know it from a friend in advance. Also here it is allowed to write any information that will help to carry out the search. For example, a nickname or a surname with a name.
  5. Click on "Search".

Then it remains to see the results. As a rule, when searching for a contact by login, only one contact will be displayed on the screen. This is our interlocutor!

Adding to friends

It's clear how to find friends in Skype. And how can you add a contact to your friend?

how to find friends via skype

There are 2 ways to solve the problem. Namely:

  • adding "from scratch";
  • contacting friends after a conversation.

In the first case, you will need to find the user in any convenient way, then click on the person's profile and click on "Add to contacts" - "Send".

After the user has spoken tocontact, which is not in the list of friends, he appears in the friend under a special mark of gray. To make the former buddy a friend, it remains to click on the contact in the left menu of the program with the right mouse button and select the function "Add".

That's all! It remains to wait until the interlocutor confirms the addition. Otherwise, you can not put a person in your contact list. From now on it is clear how to find friends in Skype.

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