If the user forgot the password in Skype, then the recovery system of lost data will come to the rescue, which is provided on all Internet resources where authorization is required.

As a rule, on each site next to the input fieldpassword, there is an interactive notation "Forgot Password", "Remember Password" (or any other similar wording), after clicking on which you will be asked to go through all stages of recovery, following very clear prompts.

forgot password in skype
So, if the user forgot the password in Skype, thenhe will need a computer connected to the Internet. Having opened the authorization window, you need to click on the "Can not enter Skype" line. After that, the browser will open the password recovery page, where it is necessary to write the address of the mailbox that was specified at the time of registration, and click the "Send" button. In the next window, you can see a message stating that an email with information about changing the password has been sent to the email address.

Now you need to enter the mailbox and open thethe sent message containing the link for changing the password. It operates only 6 hours, after which it loses its relevance, then for restoration it will be necessary to send a new application.

After passing through the link, the browser will openA window where you need to select a login (if it is not one) for which you want to change the password. After that, fields will appear in which you need to enter a new password and confirm your action. In the next window, you will be prompted to enter the changed password and enter Skype. Accessed. You can start communicating.

forgot password skype
It often happens that if you forget the password in Skype,since he has not used it for a long time, he does not remember the e-mail address specified when creating the account. In this situation, the procedure for changing the password will be different.

In case the user forgot the password in theSkype does not remember the email address. mail, the recovery page provides a link under the link "I can not remember the address of the mailbox." After that, the page with the instruction will open. It's easiest to restore the address if the client used paid services of Skype and paid bills.

The hotel way to change the password is provided for those who were on Facebook with a Facebook account or Microsoft account. To do this, go to the appropriate links and get instructions.

If the user has forgotten the password in Skype and has lostThe electronic box specified at the time of registration, it is necessary to follow the link "Contact the customer service". The client will be directed to a page where you need to enter some information, namely: specify the country, the preferred language, name, e-mail address, login in Skype.

if you forgot your Skype password
In addition, it is desirable to provideadditional information, through which the administration of the system will quickly establish the identity of the user and restore the data. Customer service will help you to find out the forgotten email address, and if this is not possible, you will be asked to specify another mailbox.

Administration of any site is constantly facingwith a situation where one of the users forgot the password. Skype (support service) tries in every possible way to help the client to return to his account.

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