Often users of social networks and servicesthey face difficulties in using their accounts. The system of user accounts of the Internet giant "Google", like all mass services, has a certain algorithm of operation, which is able to determine user accounts that are susceptible to attack by intruders. Account blocking can be eliminated if you own the page and have access to the attached phone number or alternate email address.

account google forgot password

How to restore an account in Google, if you forgot your password

As you know, "Google" requires usersthe most complex passwords, which consist of the letters of all registers, digits and complex characters. Such passwords are very difficult to remember, so there is a problem that users forget their passwords. By the way, never write down your passwords in email drafts or social networking notes, even if only you have access to the content.

If you lose your password, you can restore your account in two ways:

  1. Using the phone number. If a phone number is attached to the page, it is enough to send a confirmation code with a free SMS message. The received code should be entered in the specified field on the password recovery page. Next, the system will offer to come up with a new password to log into your account. Thus, you can restore the account "Google", forgot the password user or was blocked - this method is suitable for solving the problem.
  2. Via a linked email address. If the account is not tied to a phone number, then most likely a spammy email address was specified during registration. It was on him and a letter with a secret code was sent.

how to restore an account in Google if you forgot your username and password

If your account does not have a binding to a numbermobile, or to another mail, write to the support team to verify your identity. In the event that a user can not log into the Google account (forgot the password or login), the support agents will require a copy of the passport in order to make sure that you are the owner of the page.

Account lockout

The account in the "Google" system can be blocked,if an abnormal activity was detected from the page, for example, sending out spam, cheating subscribers, or downloading large amounts of data. All "Google" services are linked with each other and are united into a single system of user accounts. Thus, the account "Google" can be blocked if you have violated copyrights on the service "Youtube". If the channel has three strikes, the "Google" account is automatically blocked.

Consider how to sign in to your Google account if you forgot your password and your account is locked. Reasons for blocking a profile:

  1. A user profile can be blocked,if the page came from different places, which are distant from each other. This may indicate a hacking of the page, so to protect the user's personal data, the account is blocked.
  2. If the sending limit was exceeded per day andreceiving messages, the number of user requests to the server, the number of synchronizations, the account is automatically blocked. All user data is not destroyed, they can be stored quite a long time before finding out the circumstances of the lock and restore functionality.

how to recover account in google if forgot password

How to recover account in Google, if you forgot your username and password

If you lost your username, you should specify on the account recovery page that the login was forgotten. Next, the system will offer several ways to restore data and access.

Technical support will tell you how to restoreaccount in "Google" if you forgot your username and password. In such a case, according to the terms of the user agreement, Google may request the provision of personal data to verify the identity. In most cases, in order to give you a new login and password, you need to upload your photo, where you have an open passport

How to log in to Google if you forgot your password

Restore access by using a mobile number binding

In the case of a service user account"Google" forgot the password, can help bind to the phone number. This method is described in more detail in the first subhead of the article. It should be noted that all SMS are absolutely free and are transmitted only through secure communication channels, which ensures complete confidentiality of the transfer of the secret code of access to the account.

Restore access by using a recovery email address

When registering, users "Google" alwaysit is suggested that you link your jimail account to a different email address. Make sure that only you have access to the emergency mail. When the user account "Google" forgot the password, it can send it to the adjacent mail. Also there is the possibility of redirecting emails from one email address to another.

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