Many users are worried about the question of how to delete the Google Account on Android. It is not so difficult. Below is a detailed instruction how to do it.

There are many different ways to delete an account. Of these, the most popular are only 3. They are simple enough and do not require much time.

how to delete a google account on android

Method number 1

In the device you need to go to the "Settings" menuand select "Account setup and synchronization." Depending on the version of the communicator, the function name may differ. So you need to look for the meaning. In the drop-down menu, you must select an unnecessary account and perform the deletion. There you can create a new one.

The second way

How can I delete my Google account on Android? If you have problems with the previous method, you can try to do it differently. To do this, you need the same settings menu that you need to open in your phone or tablet. In the "Applications" line, when you select "All", you must click "Google Services". There you can delete the entry using the "Clear" function. After that, the selected account will be deleted.

android how to delete account google

The third way

Virtually all mobile devicesare oriented under "Android". How to delete a Google account if previous methods failed to implement your plan. Perhaps this means that the deletion of accounts is blocked in the communicator system. A similar situation can arise when downloading to the phone a large number of applications that are linked to this account. Therefore, a more complicated procedure should be carried out.

From the beginning, you need to download the utility "RootExplorer. " With its help you can get the necessary rights. When the application is installed, you need to open the root folder on the device, which is called "data". It contains the subdirectory "system". From a lot of files, you need to select accounts.db. The inscription must be retained until the menu pops up, and then select "Delete".

how to delete a google account on android 4 2

This method leads to the elimination of all contacts,which are stored in the phone. But other data remain. Before deleting an account, it is recommended that you back up your contacts and reboot your device.

How can I delete my Google account on Android 4.2? This can be done by similar methods.

How can I restore my account?

Above it was considered how to delete the Google Account on Android. There are situations on the contrary, when restoration is needed.

Account data is usually the same as theresource. Therefore, for a new login through a mobile device, you need to go to "Settings" and find there "Adding an account". After you enter the data from Google.

What should I do if I forget my password?

To do this, there is a password recovery page in the "Google" system. There you need to enter mail and wait for instructions that will come to the specified address. It will not be very difficult.

If the name of the account is forgotten, the page for name recovery can help. It will be necessary to remember additionally the specified e-mail or enter the phone number to which the account is tied.

How to restore applications on Android?

Information about all applications that are downloaded through Google Play is stored in the account. This allows you to re-install all the programs that were previously used on the device.

What if the programs were deleted?

It is necessary to find in the application "Google Play Market"section of the menu "My applications" and select the desired ones from the list of previously downloaded programs. From there you can re-install any of them on the phone.

How to restore the work of the Play Store?

The latest versions of "Android" include applications"Play Store" in the firmware of the system. Therefore, it is almost impossible to remove them. If the application is no longer available for use, it is a failure in the device settings.

To restore the service, you need to find in the "Applications" (one of the "Settings" menu items) among the disabled "Google Play" programs and enable it with the help of a special button.

If this does not work, you can try downloading the latest version of the program on the official website and install it on your mobile device.

Here you can find information on how to delete the Google Account on Android. These are simple methods that do not require much effort.

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