Owners of smartphones running on the baseoperating system "Android", on their own experience they know how important it is to tie into the device an active "Google" account in time. But with this account often there are difficulties: data is not updated, contacts are not synchronized and so on. And why do you need a "Google" account?

"Google" -counter on "Android"

The account in the "Google" system is the connecting linkbetween the smartphone and its owner. Synchronizing the phone and mailbox, the user can freely use the "Play Store" - the site where the best applications for smartphones are collected.

There are almost no problems with tying mail to the phone. It's enough to connect to the Internet, enter your login and password. After activation, contacts and data attached to the mailbox will be added to the smartphone.

how to leave Google account on android

Problems arise whenthe user does not know how to exit and the "Google" account on "Android." Faced with this problem, smartphone owners have to think about even deleting an account. But do not despair. There are three simple ways to solve this problem.

We understand how to get out of the "Google" account on "Android"

If there was a need to change the account, then it is better to use the simplest method first. So, how to get out of the "Google" account on Android:

  • First you need to connect to the Network.
  • Then the user will need to go to the "Accounts" pane.
  • From the list, select "Google".
  • To cope with the problem of how to log out of the Google account on Android, the user will need to open the account information that needs to be deactivated.
  • In the Accounts group, select Account Settings. And in the list that appears, click on the item "Delete account".

how to leave Google account on android via computer

It is worth noting that such an exit method will removeall synchronized data. This is due to the fact that there is no such function as to leave the "Google" account on "Android" without deleting it. Therefore, before deleting, it is recommended to save all contacts and important data to a third-party resource.

Change password from account via personal computer

There is one way to exit the "Google" account on "Android" through the computer. To do this, the user will need to change his email password:

  1. To change your Google account password, you need to open the google.com page.
  2. Then in the upper right corner click on the profile avatar and select "My account".
  3. The new tab will open the profile settings. Among all the options, click on "Security and Login".
  4. Then scroll the page to "Passwords and how to sign in to your account." Here you can see when the password was last changed.
  5. Then click on the "Password" tab. The user will be prompted to enter a valid password from the account. After that, it will be redirected to the page for its change.
  6. The next step is to save the new settings. After that, you need to connect your smartphone to the web. The data will be updated, and the Google Account will be deactivated.

How to leave Google account on android without deleting it

Reset to factory settings

The third way, which allows you to go out and the "Google" account - the most radical. It should be used only in cases when the first two methods did not bring results:

  • Resetting to the factory settings on your smartphone will helpdeactivate the "Google" account. But this method also removes absolutely all information from the device. Therefore, you must first copy all data to an external drive.
  • Before you restore the phone to the original settings, you need to make sure that the smartphone is charged. Next, open the gadget settings. In the "System and Devices" group, select the "Advanced" item.
  • Then go to the end of the list and click on the item"Restore and reset." The system will ask you to confirm the operation. After obtaining consent from the user, the settings of the smartphone will be reset to the factory settings.
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