Perhaps, almost all users are newfangledToday, Ayfonov is trying to protect his personal information stored on the devices. But very often this leads to an absolute loss of it. After all, if you forgot the password for the iphone, then after several unsuccessful attempts to remember it, it will simply be blocked. What to do then?

forgot password for iphone

Keep calm

Of course, on the Internet various craftsmen laid outa lot of information on how to deal with this problem on your own and start using your favorite apple again. But often following such advice leads to a breakdown of the device and the need for its thorough repair. Therefore, if you forgot the password for the iphone, it's better to follow one very effective method. They say that it always works and never fails. If the password is lost, it must be synchronized with the personal computer. To do this, enter the iPhone into the DSP mode. To do this, reboot the device (make it simple, simultaneously hold down the Lock and Home for about 10 seconds).

iphone 5 forgot password

Restoring content

The appearance of the company logo on the screen will bemean that all your actions are successful. Next, release the power button and continue to press the home button. If everything is correct, the USB cable will light up on the display and it will require you to connect to iTunes. In the event that the iphone 4s password is forgotten and it already has an iTunes connection, then a message will appear on the display of the personal computer about the discovery of a new device. Then you need to click the "restore" button. Approximately so synchronization will perform the process of restoring absolutely all data. The user, even if he forgot the password for the iphone before that, will receive the device in the form in which it was previouslywas in DFU mode (but now without a screen password). While pressing the "Home" button or, for example, "On / Off" and moving the slider to "Unlock", the phrase "Enter password" appears on the display. What does this mean? And the fact that in the main settings of your mobile device a special password protection is installed. Typically, this is a fairly simple password, which happens as a combination of 4 digits, in which case the screen displays 4 empty cells. Or maybe a complex combination of characters - then on the iPhone screen you see a normal line for entering a whole series of characters.

forgot the password iphone 4s

Be careful!

Until you enter the correct password, the device does notis unlocked. Remember also that if the iphone 5 forgot the password, then did all the above manipulations and after that you enter the wrong combination of characters ten times in a row, then all the stored personal information on the "apple" will be deleted. This can happen if earlier this option was checked during the password setting. So what if you forgot your iphone password? It's simple - you need to fold the iPhone to its original settings. Yes, of course, in this case, you can lose absolutely all the information - applications, letters and notes, photos and videos, downloaded and installed plug-ins and add-ons from Cydia. But a large part of the multimedia files and data in the future can be restored via iTunes, unless, of course, you have a backup copy of your mobile device in the computer or in iCloud.

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